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Tori Forsyth‘s second album is a big step up to what she produced in her debut outing. I feel this new record is more defined and heavy on the stories. Provlépseis shines the best when Tori’s own vocals are at the forefront of her piece of art. Not to take anything away from the instrumentals and acoustic production, which is finely tuned and tightly held together in their own right.

Provlépseis was recorded last year before the world closed down. Speaking on the release of her new album, Tori explains that the title of the album means predictions in Greek. “This is the expansion and third chapter in what will be a large collection of stories,” Tori reveals. “It’s about heartache, observations of the 21st century, and how I’ve dealt (or not) dealt with them. The record that was written before it played out.”

“This record is definitely very personal,” Tori continues. “Whenever I write, it’s difficult for me to not be the centerpiece of the song.”

What you’re going to get in this album is more than what Tori has stated. Highlights on the album include the opening track “Be Here“, the frantic nature of “All For You“, the soothing aesthetics of “Cosmetic Cuts“, the rock anthem that is “Redundant“, the intimate nature of “Blaming Me“, and that’s not even a summary of half of the album or what you’re going to find within Tori’s heart-pouring 13-track album…

Tori Forsyth’s Provlépseis is now out through Island Record Australia.

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