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Tomorrow, Australian artist Amy Shark will be releasing her sophomore album ‘Cry Forever,’ – the follow up to her debut album in 2018 – an album Amy tells Eat This Music is about… well, I can’t tell you what it is about yet, because that would defeat the purpose of publishing the mini-Q&A we had together about her new album – which will be posted on Friday!

Until release day, every day this week I will be sharing a song off Amy Shark’s new album to get you hyped for the release on 30th April. So, to continue ‘(Amy) Shark Week‘ [get it, ‘(Amy) Shark Week? I guess it sounded better in my head] here on Eat This Music, I am sharing with you her song “All The Lies About Me,” which is one of the most honest songs (lyrically) off her album.

Amy Shark’s new album ‘Cry Forever’ is now available for pre-order on her website and via the usual digital streaming platforms.

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