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I can’t recall the first time I ever heard an Amy Shark song, although, it was likely at the height of her single ‘Adore‘ in 2016, which took the world (hers specifically) by storm and through Amy into the spotlight of the international music industry. However, it wasn’t until November 2016 when Amy was featured on Eat This Music in any capacity at all. So to say it is a delight to finally have Amy Shark on the website (let alone for a chat) is absolutely great!

Today sees the release of Amy Shark’s second album ‘Cry Forever‘, a collection of songs Amy tells Eat This Music is about basically Amy, “just documenting every moment that I have had in the past 5 years,” she explains. It hasn’t been easy for Amy and it’s not all parties and celebrations, so Amy just made sure she wrote about every little feeling she went through. “Whether it’s happy tears of sad tears I have never cried this much in my whole life since becoming Amy Shark – hence the title of the album,” she continues.

As of today, Amy Shark is doing really well, “Kind of relieved to be putting out my album,” she assures Eat This Music. “Life is starting to feel semi busy again which is nice.”

In fact, it is a strange feeling for Amy right now to have an album out, because there was a minute during the production process where Amy thought Cry Forever was just never coming out, “We just kept pushing it back over and over again,” Amy tells Eat This Music, “it feels amazing to have it out!”

Even though Amy has managed to work through a lot of the issues that she was facing when she started the album, she is still very connected to those memories and the songs that became of them.

“They are the most important songs to me,” Amy expresses on the release of her new album. “Songs that come from either fear or loneliness or rage or jealousy. most of the ugly topic in life make the best songs.”

With songs like “Baby Steps,” “I Said Hi,” “Everybody Rise,” and “All the Lies About Me,” it is not hard to see why this is a very, very personal album for Amy Shark – Amy even named a song after herself!

“I still wrote every lyric on the album,” Amy continues on the process of her new album, “apart from love Songs Ain’t For Us (i wrote that 50/50 with Ed Sheeran) but I did branch out and work with a bunch of different producers.”

The experience was essentially nice for Amy, as she was able to force herself out of her proverbial comfort zone and challenge herself in a whole new way. Which evidently worked with how the end product came out.

“It’s all my life. Every word.” — Amy Shark on her new album.

“I love a song called Lonely Still,” Amy states on which song she recommends off the album, “it’s a sneaky little number that really grows on you and it’s got really warm guitar riff that I’m addicted to.” Although, if you also feel like a real kick in the heart have a listen to track 13, “Amy Shark.”

With this album, it is not really what you will take away from it – Amy truly thinks it’s more what you wull learn about her as a person and also hopefully relate to the songs.

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