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Xylø is an electro-pop artist out of Los Angeles and I just wanted to share her EP with you, mostly because it is only six-tracks and it contains really good vibes, sounds and an incredible insight into her music. The title track single ‘yes & no‘ is really good and gives off strong Billie Eilish vibes, and worth a listen in its own right.

While the rest of the EP does not follow the same formula of the dark, electro-pop sounds of its opening single, each other song offer their own strong performance.

You have a great follow-up with ‘ride or die’, a vocal heavy soothing pop anthem with ‘the end’, a slow building beat heavy anthem with ‘ordinary’, an atmospheric melody-heavy single with ‘bad habit’ and a brightly made pop single with ‘illusion’. Xylo’s ‘yes & no’ is a finally put together EP that does not stray away from what it really is… a pop record with a lot of story to tell.

I previously wrote about Xylø when she released her single ‘I Don’t Want To See You Anymore‘ on the website and played Xylø’s follow-up single ‘Tears & Tantrums‘ on the radio program back in 2018, however, since then I had been oblivious as to what Xylø was working on, until I stumbled across her brand new EP ‘yes & no’, which was released on May 31.

I hope you enjoy the EP as much as I did. Xylo’s ‘yes & no’ is now out through Pretty Records.


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