Forget Elvis, Michael Buble, the Jackson 5‘s Christmas albums, Mariah Carey‘s Merry Christmas, The Magic of Christmas and many others, because Dude York are embarking on a journey to create the greatest Christmas album of all-time, with the announcement of their very own Christmas album, ‘Halftime for the Holidays‘ – due out for release 24 November.

Dude York‘s Halftime for the Holidays will feature nine songs, covering a range of Christmas-themed topics, from the likes of Hollywood, greatest gifts, Christmas being their favourite part of the year, Christmas from a distance (probably about not being at home with your family during Christmas), the true meaning of Christmas and touching on a classic, ‘Silent Night’.

To celebrate the release of Halftime for the Holidays, Dude York are giving fans a taste of the album with their new single, ‘Break Up Holiday‘, a fun jam packed track featuring a catchy chorus and a story all about having good times during the holidays.

Pre-orders for Halftime for the Holidays are now available via iTunes.

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