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“[Laughs] who am I, I do not know. Different from a year ago that’s for sure,” Patricia Lalor expresses to Eat This Music at the top of our brief chat about her newest release. “I keep getting flashback photo reminders on google photos from a year ago and it’s weird.” Although, Patricia does admit she has a mullet now, and it has changed her.

Patricia’s brand new EP, ‘Covers EP1’, is not actually about anything, it is just an EP of four songs that Patricia loved covering and wanted to put on Spotify. “I wish there was a deeper meaning too to be honest!” she tells Eat This Music.

The creative process for this EP was different for each song. “For two of the songs I went to my local studio place with Darragh to record two of the covers,” Patricia continues on the process, “for the other two, I did those at home since I wanted to add some production to them.” So, from there, Patricia kept two of the songs stripped back, just vocals and guitar and the other two had some production things like harmonies, etcetera.

“All of them,” Patricia tells Eat This Music on which song, or songs, off the EP she would recommend to listeners. “I mean the reason I covered them was cause of my love for these songs so I feel like you should love them too.” In fact, Patricia is obsessed with Alex G now after listening to his song ‘Change’, which is in the EP. “I highly recommend him just as and artist. He’s incredddibbllee,” Patricia adds.

This idea for a covers EP was suggested to Patricia and she thought it was a great idea. “Especially since a lot of people in the YouTube comments have suggested it to me as well,” she continues. “I enjoy covering songs so I was more than happy to put a few on Spotify.”

“I finished a four song EP a while back,” Patricia reveals on her next move per se, “and I’m starting to work on the visuals and music videos for that which I am so so excited for.” For the first time, Patricia is genuinely proud of the outcome of the EP and really excited to share it.

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