Pictured: Inbar Lavi (Photo by Brandon Robinson)

Today’s delicious song of the day comes from two different worlds: on one hand, you have Australian artist Benji Lewis (whom it a favourite around here) and also California-based multifaceted artist Inbar Lavi. And whilst both artists reside across the planet in their respective locations, they couldn’t be closer together if they wanted to through the combined aesthetics of music.

Ironically, this song actually came about from a fan crush Inbar has for Benji. “There’s a delicacy to his craft I can only strive for,” Inbar says. “So when he agreed to team up for a duet I couldn’t believe it.”

From there, Inbar and Benji Zoomed with Rynn & Julian Feifel (their co-writers) during the COVID pandemic – although, Julian and Inbar reside in Los Angeles, Rynn in Texas, and Benji in Australia – with harmony and wifi bridging them all together. Additionally, Maxwell Byrne jumped on to elevate the track to the next level.

Polaroids can mean different things to different people, but to Inbar: “It’s a yearning,” she says. “An echo of feeling connected and separated at the same time. With a through-line of faded memories and the hope of making new ones.”

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