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LASHES is a pop artist from Australia. In fact, LASHES is the moniker the Melbourne-based artist uses to represent both the feminine and masculine sides of her personality and art. 2021 has treated her fairly well so far – in fact, she has recently moved from the country to the CBD and has been writing a lot of new songs with a bunch of different people.

“Thanks! It feels great to have “Heavenly” out,” LASHES expresses to Eat This Music. “It’s always such a weird feeling letting your song fly free into the world. I feel like, at least for me, the creative process for a song can seem so long.”

From the very first voice notes and frantic scribbles to reliving the storyline and then getting to the production and mix right, It stays in my head and I ruminate over it all right up until it’s released and then it’s like a weight has been lifted and I can let that little segment of my life go. — LASHES

“I feel much lighter and don’t tend to dwell on it much once it’s released. It’s cathartic in a way,” LASHES expresses on the release of her newest song.

LASHES’s “Heavenly” is about looking back on the times shared with someone wondering if they cast you in the same light you cast them in. It’s about all of the things that are left unsaid once a relationship ends. The tile “Heavenly” represents the dream-like state the artist was in whenever she was with said person and even though the circumstances weren’t great and it made her sad, all she wanted was to be around them.

The creative process for this song was different from all of LASHES’ previous songs. “I wrote “Heavenly” with Jackson McRae,” LASHES says in the creative process. “It was the first time I’d written with someone else from scratch.” Usually, LASHES would take her structured demos into final production sessions so this was nerve-racking for her as she wasn’t sure if she could pull words from thin air under pressure. “But Jackson was great, on the first day we met he reassured me that if nothing happened then nothing happened, we could revisit it another day. That really put me at ease and we wrote Heavenly that same day. We get along so well and write together all the time now,” LASHES continues.

“Heavenly” is all based on our personal experiences. Jackson and I had both gone through a similar shitty situation, so it was easy for us to be on the same page from the get-go. — LASHES

When it comes to what LASHES would like for listeners to take away from her new song, she tells Eat This Music that she hopes it helps people move on, “Whatever helps them move forward and away from any situation that doesn’t serve them. We all go through similar things and time heals everything,” she adds.

Stay tuned for more LASHES as the Melbourne artist has a bunch of new songs up her proverbial sleeve, with the next one coming out sometime in August.

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