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Ginesse is an open wound, but really ready to grow. In fact, the way Ginesse shows how she grows is through music. Following on from the release of “The Inbetween” in 2019, Los Angeles-based artist and actress Ginesse has released a five-track EP that sees her explores her last 7 years living in Los Angeles.

“It’s a love song to my friends, past lovers, and experiences,” Ginesse tells Eat This Music on the story of her EP. “They have made LA seem like a place you can live and thrive, not just in business, but in life.”

“The street outside CBS Studios is called “Gennesse” and my boyfriend brought it up as an idea as we were driving by. I had been going by Cait Fairbanks and I just didn’t think it matched the music.” — Ginesse on the namesake of her project.

Ginesse’s EP has morphed so much. That’s why she waited for so long to release it. “I knew I wasn’t ready,” she reveals. “I was in such an angrier place when we first started writing. I’ve grown up a lot.”

In saying that, when it comes to the creative process – usually Ginesse and her team start with a musical vibe and she digs through her notes to see if there is anything lyrical her team can build from. Ginesse adds, “Sometimes I’ll show up with a song and sometimes it just all is born right there.”

“I would say 100% of it is influenced by my life, as well as Matias Mora (producer) and Mia Minichiello (co-writers) lives,” Ginesse tells Eat This Music on her life’s influence on the new EP.

“I think a good starter track is “White Denim”, Ginesse tells Eat This Music on which song she would recommend to listeners. “I think it gives listeners a good idea of what the EP is about and then hopefully they’ll want to hear more! It’s a true story and the melody is a nostalgic pop moment.”

Now that Ginesse’s EP is out, she is able to look ahead to 2021 – where Ginesse already has a couple of singles in the works she will be releasing, and also has a music video coming out before the end of 2020.

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