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REYKO are two people [Soleil & Igor] expressing themselves musically with a laptop, a guitar and a drum machine, and releasing some pretty sweet tunes. And according to REYKO, there is “no better feeling than putting a song out” and to see “how it fits in the outside world [laughs].

With the release of “Don’t Mention My Name“, REYKO tried to “capture the very familiar feeling of anxiety” a lot of people in the world “experience in” their “everyday life these days,” which is “caused by staring at social media, FOMO, politics non-sense,” and many other avenues.

“In all our songs we try to reach something that we’re going through and feeling at some point, so we definitely relate to it.”

For this song, the first thing REYKO “had was this track that goes from acoustic to very electronic and back’, which is what you kind of hear within their single. Then Soleil [other half of REYKO] came up with the chorus” and then “the whole theme pretty quickly”, REYKO explain.

Releasing the single was very important for REYKO, because “Don’t Mention My Name” shows very well what the pop duo are “about artistically, which is a pop band with a quirky twist.”

REYKO have “been releasing singles since” the “end of August,” and this is the third “single of what” will be REYKO’s “debut album, out in early 2020.”

“Don’t Mention My Name felt like a good 3rd single, after the bit darker previous one that we released in September, called “Hierba Mala”. “

To expressed themselves visually, REYKO released a music video that showcased a lot of the senses or emotion through the use of a varied colour palette throughout. REYKO explain that they “wanted to make a dynamic performance video,” throughout, “with effects and lights, in order to capture the paranoia” they are describing in the song. Also, REYKO “chose a white closed space to make it feel a bit claustrophobic.”

REYKO are “quite happy with the results,” with many “thanks to the director Fraser Taylor,” because now REYKO “feel like the video does have this urgency and anxiety” they were after.

“Don’t Mention My Name could be a good one. It has a strong pop feel to it, although its still quite artsy and quirky, in our opinion.”

Right now, REYKO are “about to announce some live dates in London and in other places,” so stay tuned [smiles].

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