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Polartropica is an electro-pop artist out of California and recently she released her brand new single ‘Can’t Hold Us Back‘, after having played ‘Can’t Hold Us Back’ on the radio program back on 4th September, I just wanted share ‘Can’t Hold Us Back’ and also get to know more about ‘Can’t Hold Us Back’, and also exactly who Polartropica is, so I recently did a Q&A with the artist.

Speaking on the release of ‘Can’t Hold Us Back’, Polartropica expressed how it “feels wonderful” to have ‘Can’t Hold Us Back’ out, as she and the band “love playing this one live so it’s fun to have it out in the world in recorded form.”

Going into detail about the story of ‘Can’t Hold Us Back’, Polartropica explains how ‘Can’t Hold Us Back’ is about “fighting for your dreams, getting rid of the bullshit, living in self love and being unstoppable.”

“This song was inspired by a horrible work experience that resulted in an allergic reaction all over my body – after writing the song, it felt like an anthem for us but also for all of my friends, and anyone that has been through tough times lately.”

Speaking on the creative aspect of ‘Can’t Hold Us Back’, Polartropica explains how she “wrote the lyrics and drafted the melodic progression at the airport after” she “missed” her “first flight to Tulsa for the recording session” and then “fleshed it out the first night on” her own, then she “laid down the demo and then CM Rodriguez programmed the drums and beats to the track, engineered/recorded/produced/mixed it and the rest is history!!”

On the importance of making ‘Can’t Hold Us Back’, Polartropica expresses how this “song really got” her “out of the dumps so it meant a lot to make it.” However, expanding on the aforementioned statement, Polartropica explains how she “was going through a really rough patch and transition in” her own “life and wanted the song to be a reminder that as horrible as” she “felt, it wouldn’t always be that way.”

The remainder of 2019 looks to be a busy time for Polartropica as she is “finishing our short film,” as “Part 1 of the Trilogy is out and called “In Another Life” so please watch that and enjoy!!”

“We also have some surprises and goodies coming with the new record so keep an eye out for those!” Polartropica is also “working on a tour later in the fall and always do a fun Halloween covers show,” where she is still “deciding what we should dress up as this year!”

‘Can’t Hold Us Back’ is just a preview of what is to come off Polartropica’s upcoming album, so stay tuned for more soon.

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