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2018 has already been a big year for Los Angeles-based, Australian trio Chase Atlantic. Originally forming in 2011 between brothers Mitchel and Clinton with their longtime friend Anthony, the trio have gone on to release two EPs (two additional mini-EPs), singles, music videos and toured around the world.

Post-release of their debut self-titled album in October 2017, Chase Atlantic have gone on to release collaborations with Xavier Mayne, release a remix of Lights’ We Were Here, play the first Download Festival in Melbourne and support Good Charlotte on their Australian tour, and that was only within the first three months of 2018.

Today I spoke with Christian Anthony from Chase Atlantic about the excitement of their busy 2018, Christian expresses, “dude, it’s been pretty insane.”

“When we’re on the road we do our best to just keep working, always making music as well on the road.”

“We’ve been lucky enough to be put on some great tours,” Christian continues.

Speaking on the fortunate experience of working with some of music’s greatest acts currently around: Lights, Good Charlotte, just to name a few, Christian explains how much Lights played a role in their exposure in Canada, expressing how Lights is someone “who is an amazing person,” and how much she “really kind of put” the trio “on over in America and a little bit in Canada.”

Continuing on their work ethic, Christian continues with how “there is never a problem finding things to do when you’re on the road, there’s always a show to play.”

The trio’s worth ethic shined within the album, as their self-titled album was essentially a project that was worked on over the course of a couple of years, specifically “a two year project,” Christian explains.

“It’s like your little child, you know? You get to see it go into the world and see what the people think. It was a very magical moment for all of us.”

Christian expressed how much it is a “complete relief” to have it out. With that said, the trio still had some doubts about the album, not the end product of the album, but the reception. “It was a little bit scary,” Christian explains.

“We’ve been very happy with the response from people,” Christian adds. In saying that, Christian clarifies his statement – “well, we’ve done EPs and whatnot before, but coming off the first time people have kind of ever seen us playing with Sleeping With Sirens, it was the first opportunity we had in front of people.

“Our touring performance, like, our live show is much different to the music we make in the studio, so there was definitely a little bit of concern.”

“It’s a bit of breathe of fresh air for fans, because it’s not really something that anybody is doing at the moment,” Christian concludes.

Going into the aesthetics of the album, Christian explains how they “wrote 100s of songs,” and choosing 14 songs to include in the album “was tough.”

Christian continues, “we could have put out a trilogy of like three albums like The Weeknd, but don’t think you’re allowed to do that for your first album,” Christian jokes.

“We made a decision that we also wanted to have at least eight new songs that people hadn’t heard. As well as some of the fan favourites and our personal favourites to play live.”

The rest of 2018 looks to be just as big as the beginning for the Los Angeles-based, Australian trio Chase Atlantic.

Entire interview with Christian from Chase Atlantic

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