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The Baroness is the solo project of Newcastle singer-songwriter Michaela and having already garnering a loyal fanbase as the a touring vocalist for Australian electronic icons Peking Duk, The Baroness has debuted her single ‘Another Day‘, which is a single that mixes bits of synthwave, electronica and 80’s pop, and additionally featuring her powerful, soothing vocals throughout its three minute and 26 second run.

Following on from the release of “Satellite” in 2019, The Baroness going into detail on what “Another Day” is actually about, The Baroness explains that it is actually a song she wrote to motivate and stimulate people to live each day as it comes with passion, gratitude and enthusiasm.

In fact, The Baroness wanted the beat to be high energy, fun and infectious and chorus vocals to have a euphoric, sing-along vibe, and I think she has achieved that with ease in this pop anthem.

The Baroness’ “Another Day” is now out through Central Station Records.

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