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Elle Winter is a pop singer born and raised in New York City. Elle Winter has always loved music, in fact, Elle’s mother says that Elle was singing and talking at the same time. Music has played a huge role in Elle’s life for as long as she could remember and Elle is grateful that she can pursue music as her career.

Speaking on the release of her debut EP “Yeah, No.“, Elle Winter explained to Eat This Music that all six songs on the EP are based on her own experiences. Elle believes that it is really meaningful to sing about her own life and to tell her truth through the music she creates.

Elle worked on the majority of the EP with the production duo The Orphanage. Elle expresses that it was wonderful working with them [The Orphanage] because there was so much great creative energy in every session they were in. Elle would come in typically with ideas she had written in her phone or Elle would come into the recording sessions and be completely inspired by the vibe the team had created and think of a new concept. It varied based on the session.

“It was super important to me to put out a full project. My music also has a message and it’s very special to release a cohesive body of work that tells a story.”

Elle wanted to make an EP to tell her truth and hopefully connect with her listeners on a personal level in doing so. Elle thinks telling one’s stories helps others realize we all go through the same experiences, good or bad. After putting out a handful of other singles from the project, Elle thought it was the right time to release the EP as it aligned with International Women’s Day, which highlighted the powerful theme of the project.

Prior to the release of the EP, Elle gave fans a taste with the releases of “Thought of Me“, “Do You“, “Cave In” and “Sick of You“, which Elle revealed was on purpose. Each of those songs chronicle different experiences of Elle’s life and are confessional and reflective songs, that are empowering each in their own way, so Elle wanted to lead with these singles first.

The title track of the EP, “Yeah, No“, is a song Elle wrote after a break up where her ex would keep calling to check in on her. Elle found it condescending and surprising, given if this person really knew who she was, he would know Elle was fine on her own and independent. Elle wrote “Yeah, No” as an “empowerment anthem, to all those exes out there that still think people need them to thrive when yeah, no we definitely don’t.”

The remainder of 2020 looks to be a busy time for Elle Winter as she is working on her debut album! Elle Winter tells Eat This Music that she was just in Sweden for most of January writing and recording new music and she also recently moved to Los Angeles to continue working on the project.

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