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Alice Pisano is a pop artist out of the UK and after having a pretty quiet 2020 with the release of her only single “Tears Will Set You Free“, the London native, who has previously been featured on Eat This Music back in October 2019, has officially kicked off her 2021 with the release of her newest single, ‘Crush‘.

‘Crush’ is essentially a song about being swept off your feet over someone you’re crushing on. Showcasing a new sense of direction, Alice has brought not only new vibe to her music, but also a strong portrayal of a new finely tuned production aspect to her music.

Working with producer John Foyle, Alice uses her single to retain signature silky vocals, but also showcase a new uptempo beat and catchy pop melody, that gives this single a more energetic and playful feeling.

Speaking on the new song, Alice reveals that ‘Crush’ is about having one of those strong crushes on someone that knocks you off your feet, but in an unhealthy way. “You’re both in so deep that you live with the fear that the other person’s feelings might not be as strong as yours,” Alice explains. “You start overthinking, becoming jealous and possessive… It almost becomes like a battle.”

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