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Ana Clara Hayley (ACH) is a Brazilian-Australian singer-songwriter, born in Melbourne, Australia. ACH has been a musician since she was little, self-admitted terrible guitarist & hopeless drummer, but a pretty good singer as it turns out. ACH’s passionate about education and giving people the power to think critically to empower them to advocate for what they believe in and understand their “why”. “I wrote my first song when I was about 13”, ACH expresses to Eat This Music in our chat, “looking back it wasn’t too bad actually- not that all of them were gold!” ACH loves to dance, in fact, ACH adores her fiancée and puppy and she stands up for what she believes in which has consistently landed her in trouble since she was a kid.

At the moment though, ACH is based in Brazil, she expresses to Eat This Music that “these are really tough times for those living within the region.” Essentially the coronavirus has lead to over 70,000 deaths, “it’s heartbreaking and angering that not only are the minor efforts issued by decree to prevent transmission being flouted by many,” ACH says, “they are also not being fiscalized by those required and empowered to do so.” However, ACH is grateful to be able to work from home with music, internet, and to be able to help those less fortunate, but it’s not enough and the risk that so many face everyday is devastating to watch.

“I am hopeful that people start thinking critically and reflecting on their own actions and the consequences within the community.” — Ana Clara Hayley how she is doing.

“I feel elated to have Brixton out!” ACH expresses to Eat This Music. “It’s a song that I loved from the minute it began to bubble up.” In fact, ACH loved performing it at private Live shows, sharing what it means to her and the process of how the song was written – which she gets into a little bit later on in our interview. To have Brixton out in the world where others can hear it makes ACH so happy though. “I’m especially happy I was able to release it on this date at this moment in this odd moment in time”, she continues.

‘Brixton’ is about ACH’s time in the London neighbourhood, “a diverse place,” she assures, “culturally rich and, with a really systolic/diastolic history” too. This song talks about how ACH loved being there throughout the year as the seasons pass – something she loves about the UK, is the truly visible changing of the seasons where each period of the year brings a new vision or perspective of what’s there. “This is something the song subtly draws on,” ACH adds, “although you don’t hear the line about summer because when I recorded it I forgot to sing it and repeated winter…and I only realized really late in the process – so I’ll save it for live shows!” The song also talks about ACH’s movements around the city. It also tells how ACH really wanted to move back to London but she hasn’t been able to so far. ACH continues, “I know that I’ll find a way to move back there at some point but I am not sure when and how… it will all work out.”

The process for this single was really organic for ACH though. “My guitarist (Bruno Amorim) and drummer (Almir Cassio) were at my apartment rehearsing and Bruno was messing about on the guitar and immediately I came up with the first line..”I know where I’m going…” I said play it again”, she reveals, “play it again and then Almir, on the cajon immediately came in with a beat.”

“Within 15 minutes the song was complete. It’s how most of the songs we play together are written; it’s the way I write songs.” — Ana Clara Hayley on the her new single.

“The song was produced by Brazilian producer Pingo who helped develop the fuller radiophonic sound I wanted for the recording,” she continues. Although, ACH spent a few years living in London and she absolutely loved it there. “I didn’t live in Brixton but I went there a lot because of my connection to music”, she reminisces, “I was introduced to many new artists and was lucky enough to see some of my favourite musicians live in Brixton.” ACH loved coming out of the tube station and immediately hearing different languages, music of buskers and the sweet, calming sound of the Jamaican steelpan drums. Essentially ‘Brixton’ was born from the nostalgia that the first few chords awoke in ACH. She explains, “I always make sure I get time in Brixton when I’m in London because it makes me so happy being there.”

ACH decided to record Brixton because it made her feel good when she sang it and it seemed to make others feel good too she admits. “It’s why I love music; it can give us the emotional support we need no matter the situation”, she adds. “Brixton gives a little message about just hanging in there, whether it’s like me and my plan to move or any other plan/dream/objective you keep it in your head, you know how you see it happening and what that reality looks and feels like and you go for it knowing that it will work out.” ACH didn’t initially plan to release ‘Brixton’ as a single or right now. Revealing to Eat This Music: “I had planned to release it as part of an album but some things happened that paused progress on that particular album.” When ACH saw the date 7/7 coming up – she loved the number 7; “I thought yep, this is good, get it out there as a single”.

ACH has a busy time coming up, as she is currently working on an album with Australian music producer Tomas Strode, working on two singles with Brazilian producer Pingo and a collaboration with Brazilian musician CBG that she wrote the lyrics for which is being produced by Berlin based producer Jonny Zoum. “The aim is to have all of this released by the end of 2020 but let’s see how that goes”, she adds.

“I was supposed to be in London to film the official clip for Brixton, in Brixton in April”, ACH reveals to Eat This Music, “but that has also been pushed back due to COVID travel constraints.” Good news is though that there is a beautiful lyric video in the making of her single. “I’m hoping the creative industry is able to be revived here in Brazil before 2021”, ACH expresses, “but for the meantime my shows in Brasília, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, London and Denver have all been postponed for 2021.” Fingers crossed for everyone’s sake that COVID is dealt with quickly and effectively – but for that we all need to do our part.

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