I first heard Sunset City back in March when interviewing Bombs Away about their new single ‘Let You Down‘, which featured the Australian three-piece.

Working in collaboration with Sunset City’s frontman Parker Rose on Bombs Away’s Let You Down, the Bombs Away duo explain how the collaboration came about and how much of “an enjoyable process” Let You Down was. The duo expressed how working with “Parker Rose from Sunset City was super easy to work with and amazingly talented,” the added bonus of “both being from the gold coast made catching up to write and record the track actually quite straight forward logistics wise which is unusual [laughs].”

Today sees the release of Sunset City’s debut single ‘Pockets‘, a single which essentially came from a story Sunset City vocalist Parker Rose told Matt (guitar) and Rob (bass) during a recording session.

Speaking on the inspiration of this dark intriguing tale of a bank robbery gone wrong, Parker explains how the story was “about this girl who robbed” Parker “in Hong Kong,” which the rest of the band members thought “was pretty funny, and before we knew it, we were all singing over this dark, funky music we had made earlier that morning!”

Pockets is a funky, pop single that takes a bright look at a bad experience with 2018 looks to be a big year for Sunset City with more music to come. Stay tuned!

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