I recently had a chat with Sir Bobby Jukebox about his brand new single ‘Birthday Cake’, a track full of good vibes and beautiful sounds. Birthday Cake is the first taste of what’s to come off Sir Bobby Jukebox’s forthcoming record, featuring bubblegum pop charm.

What is ‘Birthday Cake’ about… other than your actual birthday – as you mentioned

I can’t call Birthday Cake an “answer song” to Jimmy Webb’s MacArthur Park (mainly because it offers literally zero answers), but maybe it could be called something like “a companion piece”.

Did you say all you wanted to say with Birthday Cake?

But of course! If I didn’t, I would’ve just made it longer. It’s the one-size-fits-all solution!

What was the creative process like?

I recorded it in on my own in my bedroom, so I’ll go with “comfortable”.

How important was it for you to make Birthday Cake?

Imagine a birthday without a birthday cake. Now imagine me releasing an album without ‘Birthday Cake’. You can’t. It’s absurd.

Why did you want to make Birthday Cake?

Seasonal ephemera has the power to make me feel overly mellow – like easter eggs, christmas junk and birthday cakes. I guess I wanted to channel that brand of meaningless sentimentality into a song that everybody can listen to on the night of their birthday, when everyone else has gone to bed and they start thinking about how old their new age is.

What was the inspiration for the single?

Chaos-causing pricks and Jimmy Webb’s aforementioned song, which shares with mine the central mystery of an abandoned cake.

What can listeners expect with the LP?

A fifteen track patchwork smorgasbord encompassing everything from a ten minute long experimental beach-pop collage to my rejected Eurovision entry.

What are you working on next?

The record that comes after this.

What else do you have planned in 2019?

World peace.

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