Last week Holychild released their brand new single ‘Over You‘, which you can read more about in the link. However, today Liz and Louie have released the accompanying music video for the single, which sees the duo – and friends – live their lives in somewhat of a cult. As Liz explains, the music “video means a lot to” her and it is actually “about cults and worshipping something that might not exist.”

“At the end, are the women really worshipping the dead girl in the barn? What does time prove if not for the evolution of thought?”

“I used to want so many things, to be powerful and perceived as a pop star, but now I’m so done with it,” Liz continues.

On the journey of the experience, Liz adds how she wants “meaningful experiences” in her music . And to her, “Over You video is a meta-representation of that”, how Liz feels “chewed and spit out by the music industry.”

Going into the aesthetics of ‘Over You’, Liz expresses how she “wanted the video to be a parallel to the lyrics of the song.”

“To me, the lyrics are about a relationship with another person, and the video is a relationship with myself, with my own inner emotions.”

And in final words, Liz would like to “thank you so much for watching it [the video] and sharing it! It means a lot”, and Holychild also “have more up” their “sleeves for this year, I’m really excited to get it all out.”

“Thank you for being on this journey with us. I hope you feel how much it means.”

I have yet to hear – or see – a Holychild single I do not enjoy. ‘Over You’ is no exception and I am looking forward to the release of the upcoming record. Stay tuned for more soon!

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