Baby Raptors is the collaborative project of New York-based electronic pop duo Tora Fisher and Party Supplies (Justin Nealis) and recently Baby Raptors released a music video for one of the five singles off their debut self-titled EP – out now – ‘Lost Boi‘, a song that essentially pays homage and acknowledges the international fan fair for the yo-yo, while the music video also features world champion yo-yo virtuoso Gentry Stein and Baby Raptors’ very own Tora.

The music video offers more than just the song, the music video is used as a platform for the duo to not only showcase the world of yo-yo’s, but it is also used as a vehicle for the band to continue to show their immersive take on the world of electronic pop music with this dark and eccentric offering that uses a good mix of digital percussion – in the way of retro ‘80s beats, synths, and building the atmosphere – and the authenticity of Tora’s very own vocal work while co-starring in the video’s story.

Baby Raptors‘ debut self-titled EP is out now.

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