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WalkJog is Keith and Emily Fernandez. And the music project features combined elements of bedroom pop, psychedelia, and nostalgia to create their distinctive sound which they hope is curiously infectious. “We met in college where we both studied music, marrying a few years later,” the duo tells Eat This Music. “Keith is the dreamer, Em the realist. We cleverly decided upon our name when, early in our relationship, I (Em) would say I was going to take a “walk/jog.” In my eyes, this meant I was going to work out.”

These walk/jogs soon became something they enjoyed together – talking about the highs and lows of the day, making plans, discussing important life topics and sometimes working through conflict. Together, they have discovered that in being true to themselves, they can find hope and balance in all walks (or jogs) of life.

2021 has been a big year for WalkJog. 2021 is the year Keith and Emily released their first set of songs! Along with the release of their first EP (“Soft Intentions”), they have been practicing their songs for a live setting and writing music for a second EP!

“Like the rest of the world, we have been adapting to the circumstance of the pandemic, but we have still found time to travel and to be with our family,” WalkJog says. “Lastly, since we are both public school music educators, we just started the new school year for in-person learning.”

“Thank you! Honestly, it feels surreal. Starting a duo feels like we started a business.” — WalkJog on the release of their debut EP

“There are a ton of logistical things to do when releasing music,” the duo adds. “Taking that into consideration, we definitely are grateful and happy for the support we’ve received, and feel accomplished as we share this piece of ourselves with everyone who wants to take this ride with us.”

“Soft Intentions” is the aforementioned debut EP from WalkJog, and it is representative of their introduction into the limitless world of music. The songs on this EP represent the interdependence that both individuals have between each other and the togetherness they want others to experience when listening to their music.

This whole project originally started as a solo project. Keith wanted a few songs professionally produced and that was it. However, after having Emily jump on one of the songs in the first recording session, the idea of going solo to a duo seemed like the right move.

Keith continues, “As we continued to write and record, things organically evolved. First, the writing, then the recording. Then, we decided we might want some photos to go with our songs. As time went on, we realized we had enough songs for an EP and thus, WalkJog was born!”

Creatively speaking, Keith is an inspiration-based artist and Emily is a process-based artist. Keith has typically been struck with creative ideas and has been able to complete those ideas on his own. Early on, Keith wrote a majority of the songs. Emily started to take part in the process later in the EP, contributing lyrically and melodically. As far as recording goes, that process was unusual compared to the typical process because 75% of the EP was recorded remotely due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The entire EP is reflective of our own lives,” WalkJog says on the EP. “The band represents everything from our love for one another, to our struggles, and all that’s in-between as a married couple.”

Everything WalkJog had planned for ended up on the EP and more, “We even scratched completely recorded lyrics to re-do an entire song,” the band continues. “We listened to our songs through and through and feel satisfied with the final version.”

“We recommend “Can’t Get You Out of My Mind,” the band says on which song they would recommend off the EP. “It is a song we think a lot of people can vibe with. It has a catchy chorus and reminds everyone of that person they just can’t stop thinking about. We like this song because of the nostalgic elements we draw from Motown influences.”

When it comes to this debut EP, there is a connectedness and togetherness that WalkJog hopes others feel when they listen to their music. Additionally, they want people to feel their own authenticity and share in that genuine vulnerability.

The remainder of 2021 looks to be even brighter, bigger, and more creatively fulfilling for the duo, as they have already started writing their second EP and it will be recorded in November, and hope to release it in mid-2022. “Along with creating new music, we have been practicing for a live setting and hope to plan some shows in the coming months,” they add.

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