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Sophia Dashing is a singer, songwriter, and dancer born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. She is passionate about music and songwriting. It’s a passion that flows through her blood and veins. It’s something that has gotten her through absolutely everything in her life. As long as she is doing that, the things that don’t make sense, start to.

“I’m hoping my art and music can do the same for someone else,” Sophia tells Eat This Music at the top of our interview for her newest single. “I feel from a creative mind above anything and am currently following all of my dreams since I was a little girl. Life is really good right now!”

“I’ve always just been ‘Sophia Dashing’,” she says on the namesake. “It’s my legal name now. I like to say it’s my goddess-given name. [laughs].”

In saying that, though, Sophia is doing wonderful lately. Her mental health reached an amazing turning point from the moment she released her first single earlier this year. It’s literally been up from that moment for her and it feels as if everything is aligning for herm, which is amazing.

“I’m all about trusting the universe right now with some of these positive, new, exciting changes,” Sophia adds, “I write a new song every day and am constantly creating. As long as I have that, I’m in a state of bliss.”

Sophia’s newest single is titled ‘Divine‘, which represents that no matter what is happening in life you can still look outside of the situation and see how beautiful life is. “There’s divinity in us as people and the energy of the things we do or say,” Sophia says on the release of her new song. “Everything is energy. How we choose to trust our plan and put out positive energy into our dreams and manifestations is up to us and no one else.”

The song is about trusting that everything is working out for you, not against you. And that your dreams are closer than you think, especially with that high vibrational mindset. I believe you can make anything happen if you put the right energy, love, and drive into it. — Sophia Dashing

“I wrote the song and brought it into the studio when I got back from my trip where I wrote it,” Sophia says on the release of her new song. “I worked with Pierre Medor on this song and he was so wonderful to work with! He’s worked with so many talented artists like Britney Spears, Tinashe, and Ciara. So it was really an honor.”

From there, Sophia and Pierre worked the lyrics into the melody and came out with such an upbeat record, which evidently Sophia is very pleased with it – that’s usually Sophia’s process with her music.

I write the song, then bring it in and chat with the producers. It’s a great routine that we have set. — Sophia Dashing

Sophia is the type of artist that writes songs when she feels things. She’ll feel different emotions or will be inspired by people, places, or things.

“Something goes off in my brain and I’m like “I need to write a song about this”,” Sophia says. “It’s kinda like second nature at this point. It’s just a feeling I get. It’s also a way to fully process what I am feeling at that moment.”

There are so many creative aspects to Sophia’s songwriting and creative process, and that gets her so excited every time as an artist. It never gets old. In fact, she would say with most of her songs this is usually the process. It is inspired by a feeling, or a situation, place, or thing. It starts with Sophia as a human first always, since she’s the one writing my music. “I would say my entire life influenced the creation of the song,” Sophia reflects on her newest song. “I recently just turned 20 and am so blessed and grateful.”

In fact, Sophia feels like she is on the right path with her passions and purpose in life finally. Something she hadn’t felt before due to fear and trauma which happens to some of us at certain points. “My entire childhood reflected what I’m doing now, and it took me some time to heal my inner child and come back to it,” Sophia continues. “Life is funny in that way. So essentially to write this song about things aligning, trusting the universe, and believing in yourself and dreams. I would say is pretty right on to how I feel currently.”

There was no content left out with this song. Of course, as a songwriter, Sophia is always wanting to write more and could definitely make a 10-minute song with lyrics if she wanted to. But, of course, that’s not really a thing! So, she is really glad about the material that ended up in the final version of the song.

I would love it if listeners just felt happy, felt uplifted, motivated or inspired. Listening to the song sonically and lyrically.

The song is intended to serve as a higher vibrational message. There’s weight in the words. It’s meant to make the listener feel something. If someone tells Sophia they feel happier after listening, she did her job as an artist. This song is great to manifest with as well. Sophia is a big fan of manifesting with music. It works.

For the remainder of 2021, listeners, and fans in general, of Sophia Dashing can expect to hear her experiment more with her own definitive sound a little bit.

“My next single is leaning more towards the R&B side of things, with hints of pop,” Sophia reveals. “I’m prepping my EP right now, so I’ll be super excited to release that in the upcoming months.”

All in all, expect the unexpected from Sophia Dashing! She is discovering herself and the sounds she can create right now, which is super exciting.

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