Pictured: Alice Merton

Alice Merton – Hero

Anna Shoemaker – Sick!

“Sick!” features synths and hazy guitar riffs that emphasise the solid foundation for Anna Shoemaker’s vocals that showcase heart-wrenching lyrics whilst exploring the feeling of late-night overthinking. “’Sick!’ is about missing that adrenaline rush a toxic relationship brings you and how it can be mistaken for missing the person,” Anna says.

Frances Baker – Bringing Me Down

Frances’ debut “Bringing Me Down” is a shimmering slice of emotive pop that features ’80s euphoric production style mixed with contemporary aesthetics. This song was written and self-produced in her very own bedroom but brought to life by her tactile vocal.

Janice – Magic

Magic is a song about what happens when you reach the limit to what you should tolerate in your relationships, and finally find the guts to stand up for yourself, how those immediate insights lead to a fantastic inner search for the magic of life.

Reb Fountain – Foxbright

Foxbright” is a reminder that there’s love to be found even when we can’t find it in ourselves. Reb wrote Foxbright on the piano in one day but as with all songs it’s made up of what’s come before; wild fragments in total eclipse. The simple verses, the declaratory motif and extended mid-section were connected by a chorus with a repeating melody.

noelle – Seasons Change

noelle’s new single, “Seasons Change” was originally inspired by relationships of the past that are meant to be – but obviously aren’t, for many reasons – that you aren’t quite ready for. The song, itself, is inspired by noelle’s own love of jazz music, which is showcased strongly thoroughly the overall presentation and assortment of the instruments, whilst showcasing an aesthetic ode to vintage Hollywood.

The Darkness – Nobody Can See Me Cry

Nobody Can See Me Cry’ is a high-octane riffola featuring an eye-watering guitar solo of monstrous proportions, charging verses of utter determination and a high-flying chorus all powered by sheer angst, passion, and unfiltered emotion.

Bad Waitress – Manners

“Manners” is about how uncomfortable it feels to have people try to force you into this box of “a sweet little girl” when that doesn’t stick at all to what you know you are. “Having the emphasis on your upbringing be to please the world instead of nurturing whatever it is that makes you feel at home in yourself,” the band says on the release of the song. “It’s about being taught to think of what’s expected of you instead of what feels right, and chucking that shit out the window as soon as you realize how bogus that is.””

Skinny Lister – Damn The Amsterdam (feat. The Longest Johns)

A band who shantied long before TikTok ticked, ‘Damn The Amsterdam’ harks a return to the original rootsy Skinny Lister sound. Written about the famous Hastings shipwreck, it’s a straight-up sea shanty that echoes the style and stomp of ‘John Kanaka’ from their first album ‘Forge & Flagon’.

Drapht – Hypocrite ft. Eli Greeneyes

This could be one of Drapth’s entertaining videos to date, as “Hypocrite” follows Drapht as he shares his story at a ‘Hypocrite Support Group’ before later cutting off a guy in a wheelchair as he races to catch a flight to get to his own show.

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