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Emma Kelly is a 23-year-old singer-songwriter from a small village in Surrey, England. And she is the type of person who does music because it’s honestly what she truly loves and is passionate about. In fact, she has always known since a young age that it is something she has wanted to do.

2021 has been good for Emma, it started out rocky as we people were still very restricted at the beginning of the year and there were definitely points where she didn’t think things could recover, especially in the music industry but in the last couple of months things have really started to pick up again.

“Thank you so much! It feels so good to have it out in the world,” Emma expresses to Eat This Music upon the release of her new single, ‘Loving You’. “Don’t get me wrong I love being able to listen to my own unreleased tracks on repeat knowing I can pick and choose who gets to get a sneak peek but I love once it’s out in the world even though it’s still feels a bit daunting.”

Emma’s new song is about the addition of staying in toxic relationships/friendships. The lows completely outweigh the highs but you are drawn to the addiction of the highs despite everyone telling you it isn’t good.

“Yes I definitely think it still represents what I wanted to say, I never find that my songs change from what I want it to say,” Emma says. “They will change in regards to sound as we get more ideas during the recording process but not necessarily in regards to what I want it to represent.”

“This was actually the first song I wrote over zoom during the beginning of the pandemic so it was definitely a new experience.” — Emma Kelly

Emma continues, “I found it to be a more productive process compared to a writing session in the studio where things sometimes take a bit long where you’re chatting more compared to on zoom we got straight to chatting about what we wanted to create.”

When it comes to the creative process, Emma likes to always integrate elements of her own life into each song she writes just as she finds it makes it a little bit more personal. The song itself is about lots of different scenarios based on friends/herself which she thinks reflects in the lyrics as they’re very personable: “I wouldn’t say so,” Emma rebutted on if anything was left out of the song, “we always try any ideas that we have so we don’t look back and be like what if that could have been really good but we never tried it. I always say try everything cause something can always be removed.”

“I love listeners to take their own experience from listening and relate it to something personal to them,” Emma says. “I think there’s something so amazing about when people will tell me what they relate to the song and their taking on it.”

The rest of 2021 is looking like a good time for Emma as a whole, as she is heading out on a mini-tour at the end of this year which she is super excited about as she’ll get to play in new cities and to play to people that haven’t heard her music before which considering everything that has happened in the past 18 months feels surreal to even write she is am playing live again. “I’ve also got a music video coming out for ‘Loving you’ next week so hopefully, people will enjoy that,” Emma adds.

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