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Austen has been on Eat This Music’s menu ever since coming across her single ‘Darkside‘ back in November 2016, and this song is another great example of what Austen can achieve with minimal nuances in an overarching world of sound.

Following on from the release ‘North South East West‘ in May, Austen’s newest single, ‘The Fire‘ showcases Austen expanding on a minimalistic approach to instrumental pop that allows her to shine bright vocally, whilst not taking anything away from the world of electronica she has built for herself.

“‘The Fire’ is about living on the line between volatile and steady, in a sweet spot of intensity,” Austen says on the release of the song. “I wanted it to sound otherworldly, as a reflection of that feeling.”

To coincide with the release, Austen will be releasing a music video on her YouTube (on September 16th), which is used as a platform for Austen to explore the creative world of ‘The Fire’, while also self-directing the music video with an old camcorder, two friends, and a budget of $50 that was all blown on flowers.

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