Eat This Music
Eat This Music
Eat this Music for 10 September 2021

This week on Eat This Music you’re going to find delicious new music from Close To Monday, 5omerset, Tannergard, Chloe Lilac, Alice Merton, Shallou, Janice, Hannah Sands, Butter Bath, Meet Me in Orbit, Midnight At 7, Frances Baker, Sitrekin, Bipolar Sunshine, Jerro, Maymind, Tachys, Samuel Gaskin, Methyl Ethel, Alice Pisano, Skinny Lister & The Long Johns, The Lagoons, The Darkness, DEVIATES, High Visions, George Cosby, Dolly Dagger, Bad Waitress, NYXEN, SILT, Linzi Clark, Reb Fountain, Seafoam Walls, and many others. Dig in and enjoy.

You can find a playlist of the song’s played on this week’s program here, and a selective list of songs on Soundcloud here, and in the embed below.

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