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Linzi Clark is a singer-songwriter from Paisley in Scotland. She is the type of artist to write from a deeply personal perspective and wants to pull those listening to her music on a journey.

“Sometimes it feels like my songs are all different characters,” Linzi says. “I’m here to tell the story, other times it feels like I’m externally processing every little thought – the secret parts you shouldn’t tell but can’t help but overshare.”

To say songwriting is a natural way for Linzi to express herself is an understatement, it helps Linzi to process things and reflect on moments in her life that she maybe wouldn’t otherwise, “I love that melody alone can express a feeling that sometimes words can’t,” Linzi continues, “that’s what I love about music, it’s hard to pinpoint sometimes but there can be really beautiful moments of everything falling into place and capturing everything you want to say in a phrase or single note. To be able to share that with others feels really special.”

Like most people, 2021 has been a bit of a wild year, personally, Linzi has gone through a lot of big life changes over a small period of time which while difficult at points, but has really provided her with lots to write about and put her into a good creative flow.

“I feel so grateful for the lovely response to my music so far.” — Linzi Clark

“It feels really good, this stage always feels so far off during the recording process so I’m appreciating that it’s here,” Linzi expresses on the release of her new song. “It brings a lovely sense of closure, not just to the song but also to that part of my life so it’s all very freeing.”

That aforementioned new song of Linzi’s is ‘With You‘, which is the love ballad moment from her debut album. It’s strange in that it has a classic love song feel and is uplifting at points but ultimately is actually a bit heartbreaking. ‘With You’ is about how messy love can be and longing to be with someone no matter how complicated things are.

“I only finished writing ‘With You’ at the start of this year and it was recorded in March, so it still feels relevant to me at this point,” Linzi details on the creative process of her newest single. “Working with producer and musician Bovine helped to really lift the song to the next level of intensity and gave it a classic love ballad feel that I had always imagined in the beginning writing stages. The final production really elevated the melancholy feel of the original demo version, giving it a mix of uplifting sadness and a grandiose climax to the song.”

The writing process was very free-flowing for Linzi, in fact, it almost felt like the song wrote itself – she hinted at when explaining the creative process – nothing was forced and it felt very real to my situation: “My subconscious must have been telling me to get some things off my chest, that’s what I like about songwriting, it pulls things to the surface that you didn’t realise were bubbling away,” Linzi says.

This song is definitely based on Linzi’s own experience. In fact, she wanted to think about the different stages of being in love and highlight these contradicting emotions in each verse, the sense of safety, the insecurities it can pull to the surface, and the vulnerability of someone knowing so much about yourself (sometimes more than you know yourself).

“I would like those listening to take 5 minutes out to feel all their feelings, whether it’s heartbreak, the excitement of new love, or a longing for someone.” — Linzi Clark

“The message is really to embrace the messy sides of yourself, those are the parts that make us human,” Linzi continues, “and being in love can be such a weird mindfuck that it can sometimes make you question yourself and feel insecure, it’s hard to not get completely swallowed in that, instead try to look inwards and focus on self-love first.”

2021 is a time for Linzi to reflect on her hard work in the lead-up to the release of her album, an album, she is very excited about. Linzi Clark’s ‘All I Have Now’ will be out on the 5th of November, so you can expect lots more music-related things from her until then.

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