Pictured: Meet Me in Orbit

Nora En Pure – Life on Hold

Jerro – Lost For Words (feat. Panama)

Belgian melodic producer Jerro has released another taste of what is to come from his forthcoming debut album with, ‘Lost For Words’, which also happened to feature Australian musicians Panama.

Methyl Ethel – Matters

Tommy La Croix † – Requiem D’amour

This is a beautiful song where all that needs to be said is displayed in its very own instrumentational world-building. Enjoy.

Meet Me in Orbit – Weekend

Weekend” is the Meet Me In Orbit‘s second release of 2021, and showcases more of what listeners have come to like about the duo, their patented retro synth aesthetics, with the modern pop sounds. Additionally, ‘Weekend’ is a song the duo have been working on for a long time. “The concept actually started as a voice memo back when we first started MMO, and we’ve just been waiting for the right time to finish it,” the duo said. “On the surface, the song is about a shy romance, but it’s really about how just passing time with the right people might be the closest to actual happiness anyone could hope for.”

Alice Pisano – September

Italian-born, London-based singer/songwriter Alice Pisano is known for her uniquely warm vocals and natural ability for writing emotive pop shines through better than ever within the release of her newest single, ‘September’. However, this time around her passion for music flourishes through the use of classical piano and her harmonic singing.

SHAMBOLICS – Sharp As A Razor

Right from the beginning of ‘Sharp As A Razor‘ you get an explosive opening that stays consistent throughout the entire song. “We wanted to write a proper thumping tune that would go down a storm live but still keep a bit of simplicity & swagger about it,” the band says on the release of their new song. “The song is pretty much about not caring what people think or say about you. The chorus lyrics are a little nod to the g.o.a.t Muhammad Ali. We took inspiration from a rhyme he would use on the build-up to his fight against Joe Frazier.’”

The Lagoons – Heard It On The Radio

The initial creative process for “Heard It On The Radio” started when the song was recorded in The Lagoons‘ sister’s childhood bedroom after the duo moved back to Los Angeles, then going to the studio and having a live drummer add the finishing touches. “We remember growing up listening to the music our parents listened to when they were growing up in the 60s and 70s and how a lot of the music back then was extremely reflective of what was happening in the world at that time,” the duo reflect.

Dolly Dagger – Break and Bend

Seafoam Walls – Program (Live at Pulp Arts)

The best aspects of this song are its minimalistic efforts, although, I am sure a lot went into the way Seafoam Walls are able to showcase a solid, consistent foray of instrumentals and vocal work throughout.

5omerset – SAID TO ME (feat. J.Roque)

On the surface, “SAID TO ME” is a breakup song, with a retrospective mood enhanced by confusion and resentment. Beneath that, it’s about the desire to gain closure — moving on from your past and cutting ties with any toxic relationships or behaviour that held you back in the past.

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