Something that had only clicked to me today is the fact Eat This Music hasn’t put together a “Favourites of ‘ENTER MONTH HERE'” post before. So, is a better time than ever – seeing as lockdown is the norm now and people are working from home (including myself) – and it is also the first day of September to put together a list of favourite songs for the month of August 2021. Whilst this was hard to narrow down, 10 songs were chosen from the month of August that were featured on the Eat This Music radio program.

Dig in and enjoy.

SAYMYNAME & ANG – Lose Control

PENNYWILD – Side Streets

Famba – Games We Play (feat. Brando & MKLA)

TILSEN – Forever, For Now

Alice TM – Generous

Charlotte Greve, Wood River, Cantus Domus – Part V

Sassy 009 – Here Comes The Weekend

Troigo – Time Will Fail Us

Grace McKagan – One You Love

Amyl and The Sniffers – Security

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