Pictured: annie hamilton
Eat This Music
Eat This Music
Eat This Music for 21 August 2021

This week on the program you’re going to find delicious new music from BAYNK & Tinashe, Otosan & DOOLIE, Sarko Montaug, CLYPSO, Dull Reality, Soleil, NEONI, Olivia Nelson, Temptress, Ellyn Woods, Kara Marni, Abby Sage, Charlotte Greve & Wood River & Cantus Domus, Alice TM, Shari Silver, Parvyn, Taura Lamb, Annie Hamilton (pictured), Astraea, BECAH, Jamie Webster, Nadia Sheikh, Natalie Imbruglia, Phil Madeley, Troigo, and Sea Girls.

You can find a playlist of all the songs played on this week’s program here, selective songs on Soundcloud here (and embedded below), and also on Spotify here and here.

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