Pictured: Annie Hamilton

Charlotte Greve – Sediments We Move: Part V (feat. Wood River and Cantus Domus)

Charlotte Greve‘s ‘Part V’ is an expansive collage of indie rock, jazz, and singing. “The whole beginning [of the piece] is more written like a song,” Charlotte explains on the aesthetics of her new song. “Where it’s just about groove, guitar power chords, and drum fills”. The vocal line, originally intended to be one repeated note ended up, due to a typo in the score, becoming a much more interesting sound to behold, dropping down half a step every once in a while.

“I also wanted the same musical element to appear in different moments and functions as if it was being passed from one ensemble to the other,” she continues. “The mainline is being picked up by the choir in unison, then by the saxophone and later by the choir again but divided up among the different voice groups – all inspired by the image of passing down elements through generations.”

Alice TM – Generous

Alice TM is the project of Alice, a dance conservatory dropout turned singer and composer. Alice TM bridges multiple disciplines through her raucous, emotionally unhinged performances, inhabiting a world between performance art and party. “Generous” is just one example of her fine art form. The above video for the aforementioned single places Alice TM at a dinner party where guests are free to explore their emotional and consensual sexual whims. It is a beaut.

annie hamilton – exist

Annie Hamilton‘s “Exist” is a song about making space in your mind for the small, beautiful things when the big things fall out of your control, ‘Exist’ was written and recorded in the midst of lockdown and arrives in the middle of another in a bittersweet full-circle moment. Annie wrote this song in the middle of lockdown last year, about someone very close to me who was going through a difficult time. “It’s about focusing on the small things when you cannot control the big things,” Annie says on the release of the song.

Ellyn Woods – Closer

We all have dreams and fantasies about the person we wish we could be. To Ellyn, this song is about becoming “Closer” to yourself. “There is an inner conflict when we have to leave behind preconceived ideas about who we are in order to evolve into the person we are meant to be,” Ellyn says. “‘Closer’ is featured on my upcoming album, All At Once (out August 27th), some feel-good therapy for all of us after a difficult couple of years.”

Astræa – Scars (Live at Craxton Studios)

This song is all about the delicate piano, layered strings throughout, and Astræa’s lone vocal. ‘Scars’ is an emotional track that explores the personal journey of the singer, songwriter, and producer; a tale told over many years that sees pain and anguish blossom into empowering strength.

“Bringing Scars to life with a string quartet at the beautiful Craxton Studios was an incredible experience,” Astræa says. “Craxton is an amazing space to create music and the vintage Blüthner grand piano was a dream to play! After not being able to perform with other musicians for so long due to the pandemic, it felt truly special to be able to share music again.”

BECAH – Reminders

Reminders‘ is the second single from the Lurgan-based artist’s upcoming debut EP ‘Freak‘, due out later this year. ‘Reminders’ offer a glimpse into BECAH’s delicate, tender vocals, with an underlying foray of electronic synths, electric guitar,s and lyrics to tell of her experiences, digging deep and drawing into those darker parts of us we like to keep hidden away.

This is a song BECAH wrote in the aftermath of a very toxic relationship with a past girlfriend. “The coinciding music video, filmed by Chris McCann and directed by John Dynes and Chris McCann, presents a glimpse into that story – the good times I had with her in the beginning, to its violent turn,” BECAH says. “The lyrics speak of the struggle I had to feel like myself again, and how all my attempts to push away all the little details and memories of that time felt futile.”


One of the UK’s finest bands, Sea Girls, have not only announced the release of their upcoming album – out January – but have also released “Sick,” a song that is essentially Sea Girls’ frontman things listening to things while pissed off with and feeling sorry for himself, it’s a growing up song where he realises he is no longer a young child.

“It’s me in my bedroom at home ranting with my thoughts and going down the hole of being pissed,” Henry says. “I am sick of everything – from things I used to love through to things that feel vacuous, like consuming and buying. All these emotions are piling up and it’s me just asking for a reset, a childish solution.”

Phil Madeley – This Time

This Time’ is a cry for help, It’s about a conflicted and pathetic character. “Entirely self-obsessed while trying their best to be someone they can never sustain. Spoilt. Desperate. A corporate, consumerist, patriarchal void of a person,” says Phil on his newest single. “I enjoy taking on these characters to pass righteous judgment, it makes me feel better about myself. However, when all is said and done, we are contributors as well as products of our rotten society.”

Troigo – Time Will Fail Us

Troigo’s is “Time Will Fail Us” is a song that is used to explore production styles, and through that, creates an outpouring of emotion that people are all collectively experiencing. As a person with a close-knit multicultural family, Troigo also drew inspiration from Classical Mexican and 80’s Mexican Pop music. With more releases upcoming, Troigo seeks to draw from his own personal experiences and create a voice representative to Chicago and more specifically to the LatinX community.

Bad Bad Hats – Walkman

Minneapolis rock band Bad Bad Hats have released their new single “Walkman“, a song full of sweet melodies, harmonies, and a simple yet addictive beat. In this song, the band showcases a nostalgic tribute to their love of rock music. Despite its lyrical praise for “heavy metal, rock and roll”, the mid-tempo tune owes as much to pop and country traditions as it does to the rock canon.

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