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MozX is a London-based electronic duo dedicated to making vocal-centric dubstep and electro house tunes. They love to experiment with new sounds and have released a lot of content including collaborations with Mr. Bill and other artists from their label. “We’re excited to release more this year,” the duo say. “The name came from us messing around with letters from our family names, trying to create something unique. We liked ‘Moz’ and added the X as a symbol for censorship because our songwriting touches on social issues.”

“This song was the result of a long journey—it went through so many different versions,” Javier from MozX explains. “We’re both really happy that we didn’t compromise on it, and kept trying until we came up with this final version, which we feel really supports the lyrical content as well as represents our image and musical strengths.”

Happy Pills’ began as a singer-songwriter tune when Leanne – the other half of MozX – was 19 years old. “I went through a phase in life where I took pills regularly in order to cope with ADHD,” she explains. “With the pills, I became a “better version” of myself, but it came with a price because when the effect was gone I was left with my true, insecure self.”

“Happy pills come in many forms—in my case, it was actual pills but it can also be something like alcohol, drugs, partying, food. It’s all those little escapes we use when life becomes overwhelming.” — MozX

When Leanne wrote this song at 19, she thought it would be a straightforward, angry rock tune. But when she started producing electronic music, and specifically bass music with Javi, the duo decided to color the lyrics with an energetic instrumental, which gave them a twist because now they connect with the instrumental, but also create this dissonance and make the whole tune sound ironic, “I think the great thing about this version is that the listeners can choose if they want to focus on the emotional side, the sarcastic lyrics,” Javier adds, “or just use the song as their own ‘happy pill’ and just have fun and escape reality for 4 minutes.”

The song was built around the vocals. In fact, MozX works chronologically, starting with the intro and then moving to the next part only when they feel that they have something stable: “We knew we wanted to go for a dubstep version but we tried a few other directions first. We wrote heavy guitar parts and a dark harmony but we didn’t connect to it so we re-harmonized the final version and switched the instrumentation. The drops are always a sound design crazy experiment—we’re happy when we find ourselves headbanging and doing weird bass faces,” the duo continues. “The big difference is that this song is the first vocal-led melodic dubstep song we released (as opposed to our previous bass/electro house tunes). We are extremely happy with this direction and have more to come!”

As mentioned the lyrics are Leanne’s personal story. In addition, this is the first dubstep song they have released, which is the style they like producing the most. When MozX started working together their music was pretty much only about the two of them, “It was a bit out of control, loaded with several ideas from two different people with two completely different musical backgrounds,” the duo says. “At some point we became very careful and really tried to follow the rules, not to go too crazy with our material. This song, in a way, is us playing with the balance of creating something that truly represents our values and ideas, but also something structured, that people can connect with and enjoy.”

“I had this cool string part I wrote for the song that gave it a really creepy edge,” Leanne adds. “I fought with Javi for a while about it but eventually caved. I think it’s for the best because it was cool on its own but just didn’t fit the version, and we both know that we have the tendency to add too many elements into a song even if they don’t completely fit. The great thing is that now I can make a new song from that string part!”

For the remainder of 2021, MozX really hope that the circumstances allow them to get on stage and provide unforgettable shows for their listeners. One thing they can promise is a lot of new vocal-centric, energetic bass music.

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