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Kyla Carter is a New York-born singer/songwriter. Her talent runs deep whether she is acting, singing, dancing, or performing on Broadway. Throughout the course of her career. Performing at a variety of venues, making hundreds of appearances on stage, and now releasing her own original music, she sings from the soul combining art, story, intertwined within her music. “I have been told that I was singing before I was talking,” Kyla tells Eat This Music. “I was always drawn to music it is in my soul. To be able to create my own original music is something so special because it gives me the opportunity to show the world my heart while inspiring others to pursue their dream.”

2021 has been an amazing year for her so far! For the first time in her life, she released two original songs on the world stage and is currently working on a project with the Junga Franchise, which is a children’s book series about anti-bullying. In fact, Kyla is voicing the lead character Heidi and is working with her brother, who is voicing the bully!

I am super excited about this project, not only to voice one of the leads but was given the opportunity to collaborate with the director and co-write two children’s songs for the book, “Junga the Dancing Yeti Meets Heidi.” — Kyla Carter

“I have worked as a professional actress since 5 years old, portraying characters developed by amazing and talented professionals,” Kyle continues. “But, to have an opportunity to put my own original work out into the world is incredible. I am representing who I am and showing the world my heart.”

Kyla’s single “Half Full Half Empty” is about perspective. There is a lot of conflict in the world and you can try to see the positive side and the blessings or you can constantly focus on the negative. It is your choice. Kyle choose half full.

With this song, Kyla wanted it to always be an inspiring song that presents a message on how changing your perspective on life can make a big difference: “My phone notepad is full of 100’s of song lyrics and voice memos,” Kyla says. “When I am inspired, I stop what I am doing and immediately write it down. But some days I stare at a blank paper for hours and can’t think of anything to write down.”

So, essentially for Kyla, when inspiration strikes, she has to catch it! “Half Full Half Empty” was one of those songs that she was able to just write fast without picking up the pen. Once she knew she wanted to write about perspective, the words and a melody just flowed out of her.

“My lyrics are a version of what is going on in my life at the time I am writing the song,” Kyla adds. “If I was not drawing on real-life experiences the songs would not have the same impact. When I write it is honest and from my heart.”

“I would like my listeners to know that they have the choice and power to live happy and positive.” — Kyla Carter

At the time of this interview, Kyla covered the release of her – then – newest song “Half Full Half Empty”, however, she already has a new song out called “3 AM”. You can listen to that song here.

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