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HNTR – Searching For Self (feat. Tribe Alexander)

Searching for Self” is an expansive 4-minute journey that showcases HNTR’s interesting take on the world of techno-inspired progressive house music. The track’s brooding, high-rising synth chords, and arpeggios that build over time are the key features of a song that additionally features rolling bass notes to form a solid, consistent, cohesive bond with Tribe Alexander’s hypnotising vocal work throughout.

Sassy 009 – Here Comes The Weekend

SASSY 009 is an Oslo-based musician, who initially took inspiration from her very own Soundcloud to release music under the namesake of the profile. Showcasing haunting vocals, sparkly synths, and consistent drums in her overall presentation, which additionally leans into nordic-pop, with an electronic aesthetic. Fun fact, SASSY009 was previous a trio as well!

KIRBY – Break Her Heart For Me

KIRBY‘s ‘Break Her Heart For Me‘ is taken from her forthcoming EP, due out for release in October, and it is her effort to detail the trappings of relationships and how they are once again unmatched through the use of her soothing vocals, and consistent underlying essences of sounds. Deep down, this is a post-break-up warning to all her exes: “I know we might be over, but don’t forget how much I know,” KIRBY says on the release. “It’s my ego’s way of trying to woo a lover back with ultimatums.”

MAMI – Without You (Freestyle)

MAMI is an R&B artist from the Inner West of Sydney, who released her debut single “It Is What It Is” back in May, which gave a much needed fresh voice to the genre within the Australian music scene. In fact, you’d be shocked to learn “Without You” is only her second single, especially for an artist that has a polished act, that already showcases such a solid understanding of her genre in the way she is able to hold her vocals at the front of her performance and give the underlying instrumentals enough time to breathe.

Nyxen – Tunnels

Nyxen‘s brand-new single “Tunnels” is an intoxicating single that features heavy guitars and a bass-driven aesthetic, carried along by Nyxen’s very own guiding vocals that unfold into a distinctive euphoric sound. The song itself, explores and demonstrates the breadth of musicality and further into Nyxen’s world of music.

“Tunnels” is a special release for Nyxen, it evolved over two years and is a pretty accurate depiction of anxieties at the start of/in relationships. “I’ve always been focused on conveying the emotion/message of a song within the instrumentation and I feel that really shows with Tunnels,” Nyxen says. “The guitars and drums have this feeling to them that really gets me. Not going to lie, I think I’m my biggest fan with this one, but it feels good to put music out that makes me feel that way.”

Ladyhawke – Think About You

This song comes off the release of Ladyhawke‘s new album, due out for release in early October! “Think About You” follows on from the release of “Mixed Emotions”, this new song Ladyhawke came up with to explore the fantasy infatuation that miraculously gets reciprocated.

“Whether it’s real or in the subject’s imagination is left up to the person listening,” Ladyhawke says about the release of the song. “I think the dictionary meaning of the word “limerence” describes this best: Limerence – noun: the state of being obsessively infatuated with someone, usually accompanied by delusions of or a desire for an intense romantic relationship with that person.”

Sam Louis – Die Tonight

In today’s world of manic emotions, we require more grandiose experiences and dynamic stories to help take our minds off the monotony of our current lives. That is the type of proverbial getaway you are going to get with Sam’s newest single, “Die Tonight,” which was influenced by the uncertainty and growing social anxiety of the pandemic. “This record is about living in the moment, forgetting about everything around you,” Sam says, “and falling victim to the rush of love in a dark time.”

Ghosts of Torrez – The Return

The Return’ is the first release from the secluded sessions of Ghosts of Torres, wherein this track you are going to find an intriguing collision of cinematic instrumental pieces, mixed in with mysterious darkness that’s underpinned by consistent rhythmic acoustic arpeggios and a solemn drum machine to entice you to stay to the end. As the track builds throughout its story, you will experience builds and breaks with organic flourishes of spontaneity.

Street Man Sam – Gettin’ Harder To Keep Sane

Astrid Swan – Not Your Mom

Astrid Swan will release what is her 5th studio album in October this year. ‘Not Your Mom’ makes for a wonderfully breath-taking return to what she has released throughout her music career. Bringing together a nice mix of smooth and sweeping piano-led aesthetics with her soothing and velvety voice, delicious new single showcases exactly what listeners expect from the upcoming release of her album in October.

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