Pictured: Slothrust

Martin Jensen – Can’t Come To The Phone (feat. Amber Van Day & N.F.I)

BEKS – Devoted

Written by Beks (Rebecca Callander) on the NSW Central Coast, ‘Devoted’ marks the next evolution – a revolution – in the now-Brisbane-based artist’s sonic journey. Produced and mixed by Aaron Lee, the song’s 80s style guitar riff and four-to-the-floor beat echoes a disco groove reminiscent of an early Daft Punk. The song is entitled ‘Devoted’ however according to Beks it’s almost an anti-devotional anthem: “It’s about power recall; reclaiming the power you’ve placed on someone who’s exploited that power and giving it back to yourself. It’s about idolising your own individuality and uniqueness.” explains Beks.

Taura Lamb – New Normal

Despite “New Normal” being a phrase on the lips of many over the past 18-month, Taura Lamb brings a new definition to this post-pandemic way of life. In a strangely foreshadowing way, the single was written long before Covid-19 was even a whisper in the wind with Taura’s source of inspiration being a break up and her new normal being the transition from a relationship into single life – one of life’s changes most of us can relate to.

Famba – Games We Play (feat. Brando & MKLA)

Directed by Matthew Laeng, the video is an exciting, out-of-the-box story about a woman reminiscing on memories with her past lover. Soon her world becomes alive, almost dream-like, as she reunites with her lost love where they rekindle their passion for art, music, and dancing.

Two Another – Jump

When writing ‘Jump’, Two Another (aka Angus Campbell and Eliot Porter) were both approaching monumental life milestones. This track became a positive affirmation to overcome the fear of failure and self-sabotage and literally “jump” into the unknown.

Pave The Jungle – Picture Of Health

The new single “Picture of Health” is a fine case in point. Through gutsy sonic thrash and a devil-may-care attitude, the duo put forward a track of incisive introspection that finds vocalist Rachael opening up mental scars about her own underlying health issues.

The Darkness – Motorheart

Paying homage to a devoted sex robot, ‘Motorheart’ not only offers a glimpse into the band’s newest albu, but also offers a solid portrayal of frantic guitars, smashing drums, and the band’s respective placement of bass and Justin’s trademark vocals soaring to new heights.

Slothrust – Once More For The Ocean

Alternative rock band Slothrust has shared the latest taste of their upcoming album with their haunting new single ‘Once More For The Ocean’. ’Once More For The Ocean’ is a song about how even in a time when we see our planet on fire and flooding, we still don’t take the time we need to heal ourselves.

“These circumstances begin to mirror each other in a self-perpetuating cycle,” bandleader Leah says on the release of the song. “It is my desire that humans as a species work toward less violence and more compassion for one another despite differences. I hope we can show this kindness to planet Earth as well and treat her like the magical, generous being she is.”

Moaning Lisa – Cold Water

Moaning Lisa have shared another taste of what is to come off their debut record with the release of album opener ‘Cold Water’. Focusing around three chords and smashed right into your ears by intense dynamic shifts in instrumentals, showcases a hard-hitting consistent riff and Moaning Lisa’s hypnotising, rich harmonies, and dueling vocals, packed into three and half minutes of aesthetic beauty.

Chloe Rodgers – Better View

Moving further away from her electronic origins in pursuit of a more organic sound, the new video for ‘Better View’ gave Chloe a chance to explore the idea of a live band, and has adopted this entirely into these new visuals. Filmed in a single shot with live instrumentation and a kaleidoscopic stage to perform on, this new clip sees Rodgers in her most intimate and vibrant setting yet.

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