Pictured: Calva Louise

Georgia Maq & Alice Ivy | Someone Stranger

Georgia Maq and Alice Ivy have come together for ‘Someone Stranger‘, a song that is very much open to interpretation, but for Georgia and Alice, it’s about purging romance through movement.

Nora En Pure | Won’t Leave Your Side (feat. Liz Cass)

This is a beautiful song where the two worlds of Nora En Pure and Liz Cass come together nicely.

INDIGO | Lost In You

Bloom de Wilde | Garden Of The Sun

It has been a long time since Bloom de Wilde was last covered on Eat This Music, so to say I am glad to have her beautiful music back on the website is an understatement. “Garden of the Sun” was written a few years ago at a time when Bloom found herself separated from her closest friend who had pursued a new life on the other side of the planet. And yet, despite being half a world away, the pair could feel the connection they had forged pulsing stronger than ever.

Devon Again | Suburbia

Los Angeles-based artist Devon Again makes a memorable first impression with the reveal of stellar debut offering, Suburbia. “I wish there was some spicy back story to this song, but the chorus was really just a shower thought I had upon some brief reflection of a crush I had on a girl a couple of years back who was very much not available,” Devan says.

The song loosely follows Devan and her hypothetical suburban lover through our affair. The main theme throughout the song is being upset that she doesn’t love Devan the way she loves her husband. “I want to be the person she comes home to, but instead I go directly to her home and leave when she’s done with me [frown face],” Devan continues. “This song was so fun to write and I’m so excited to get to share it!!!:

The Lagoons | California (JR. Ellison Mix)

LOR | Used To

Erez Zobary | To Bloom

Calva Louise | The Odds

All I could think of when watching this music video for the Australian movie Mad Max (minus the portal) or some sort of tribute to Daft Punk! Although, this music video by Calva Louise is much more modernised and continues to showcase how intuitive the band is at adapting to current circumstances and additionally serves as a great taste of what is to come off their upcoming album due out in August.

I still have to give a special mention to Calva’s single Trial, which was release last year, it is still my favourite song of theirs… not to take anything away from this new one though.

Desert Sharks | Voices Carry

Brooklyn-based Desert Sharks are known for their riffs, soaring vocals, and high energy. And whilst this is their first release in two years, following their debut full-length album, the three-piece have come back, riffier, soarier (I tried), and more energetic-er than ever before.

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