Pictured: Jenna Kyle

Dull Reality | Daffodil

LX | Naked Truth

Jenna Kyle | Ojos

This new from Jenna Kyle is the second single and title track of her upcoming EP. ‘Ojos‘ is the first song Jenna wrote and produced herself. “It’s surprising how few women are producing music still, but the doors are definitely open and there’s a strong group of us out here doing it! I vacillate between feeling enraged that there are so few women in the profession,” Jenna says, “while simultaneously feeling proud to help hold the torch for the next generation of female producers coming up, all while battling the imposter syndrome many of us feel when saying “I am a producer, I produced this myself!””

Bella B | Light On

Natalie Hemby | Pins And Needles

Mel Bailey | March

Gretta Ray | Cherish

Worldly-wise this is one of the songs on Gretta’s record that sings of a regained sense of independence, found in surroundings. “It’s written like a letter of encouragement to myself I suppose,” Gretta says. “Having Gang Of Youths involved in the song felt perfect because while writing the album, a lot of the times that I felt like I was finding myself in the world I was on tour with that band.”

Colleen Green | It’s Nice to Be Nice

Eliza & The Delusionals | Save Me

Following on from the release of ‘YOU‘ in May 2021, Eliza & The Delusionals’ new single, ‘SAVE ME’ wraps everything people have come to like about Eliza & The Delusionals all into one tightly nit song full of the 90s and early 2000s nostalgia. The highlights of the song include Eliza’s soaring vocals, and the distorted, dreamy substance of the aesthetics.

Ashley Shadow | Don’t Slow Me Down (feat. Bonnie Prince Billy)

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