“This is actually the first time I’ve been asked about the name!” Mint Simon says to Eat This Music at the top of our chat. “So my nickname has been ‘Mint’, or ‘Minty’ for a really long time now. Simon is a part of my legal last name – but I didn’t want to be tied to my birth name even though I do still use it in regular life.” It’s been hard coming to the point of living authentically and Mint Simon wanted the name to be something that’s theirs, not tied to family, not tied to anyone or any specific part of themself, just this person who can freely exist. Less of an alter-ego and more of an expanded version of themself and the person they want to be.

Mint Simon has tried to love other things… but at this point, it feels like Mint has no other choice but to love music, and can’t seem to run away from songwriting and performing.

“I love it too deeply. I also draw like a 4-year-old so that wasn’t an option.” — Mint Simon on why they chose music as their art form

“I feel like I’m coming out of the deep introspection/painful time of the silence in the pandemic and moving into a new phase of self-discovery and exploration,” Mint says. “Joining the outside world again with everything I’ve learned from this time feels scary and exciting, but absolutely necessary. I’m just ready to live a little.”

“Some of Everything” is genuinely Mint’s favourite song, released or unreleased, “It feels so good for people to hear it and get to know me a little better because I do feel like it’s something different, a side of me people maybe hadn’t seen yet,” Mint says.

“Some of Everything” is about fluidity. It’s about Mint spending time with themselves and realising that they are a little bit of everything, and their sexual orientation is a little bit of everything, and that labels and people aren’t going to put them in a box.

“It feels like people think, or thought, they knew me – this song was a way for me to take that control of my own narrative back and be like no, THIS is who I am.” — Mint Simon

“During the process, I was figuring out a lot of these things through this song… but now that it’s been out I feel more and more confident in myself so the way I perform it now would be different than even recording it in the studio months ago,” Mint explains on the initial creative process and inspiration of their new song. “I hope (and think) that’s something that keeps evolving, bringing new life into the song constantly.”

Learning a lot about remote working, listening to tracks, and writing on them has been a big part of the pandemic for Mint and the second they heard Isabelle’s production on this song they were excited in a way they hadn’t been in a long time. It gave Mint a sudden urge and space to dive into things they had been thinking about and feeling on their own and they were like ok, now is the time to get this out.

Bright Light Bright Light collaborated with Mint Simon on the remix of the song, and in fact, Mint and Bright Light Bright Light have never met in person, which to Mint, is wild: “We started connecting just before the pandemic and collaborating on some of his new music,” Mint explains on the project. “I knew he would be the perfect fit for this song, and he delivered – the most Madonna disco danceable remix and I think it brings a light and fun energy to the song. He is such a champion of artists, supportive is an understatement, and I wish more people were like him.”

I want people to feel like whatever that box is for them – whatever that ‘thing’ is that keeps them from themselves – that they can own it and feel like who they are is enough. Also, that even if they’re not a dancer they can learn choreography and be the Nick Carter of their childhood dreams.

2021 looks to be a busy time for Mint Simon and their team, as more music is on the way, as well as a couple of other projects. “I’m just writing and seeing where it takes me with no rules or restrictions,” Mint tells Eat This Music. “Maybe a little unpredictable at times, I just want to share the songs I’ve been working on and get myself on a stage. If I can play a few shows before the year ends, I will be so so grateful.”

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