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Aodhan is a project created by seventeen-year-old Australian songwriter, Aidan, and all he did to come up with that name was search the internet. What a truly amazing story. At least the name looks cool in the bright lights though. “I guess it’s because music is just something that’s always been around since I was born,” Aodhan tells Eat This Music on his music project. “I’ve got lots of [family members] who are quite passionate about music, including my dad. I’ve now grown up to absolutely love it and everything it comes with.”

2021 has been a great year for Aodhan, despite the current circumstances, he has managed to get a good run with new music, a couple of great shows, and met some really cool people. Although, he is just hoping that everything will clear up so he can get the rest of the year to do all the other cool stuff he has planned.

“Seriously phenomenal!” Aodhan expresses on the release of his debut EP. “After about a whole year of holding on to it, it just feels amazing to finally be able to share it with people. And it seems to be getting quite a nice response [too] which is lovely.”

Aodhan named the EP “Flies In My Room” after the title track, purely because he just thought it sounded cool. But, in saying that, the EP itself represents youth, the experiences Aodhan had when he was a bit younger. Not much younger, maybe about 2-to-5 years ago.

“I didn’t really have much intention of having the EP represent anything when I first began creating it, it was kinda just a nice collection of songs,” Aodhan says on the initial inspiration of his debut EP. “But it wasn’t until much later when I realised that everything I wrote about on the EP did have something in common, a certain time in my life.”

The writing of the songs for this EP was pretty much akin to the process of his previous works. But production and arrangement-wise, it was fairly different: “My older songs were a lot more simple, mainly because I mostly wrote folkier sounding songs,” Aodhan explains. “But this time I really wanted to make it apparent that I wanted to be an indie artist rather than a folk artist.”

You can hear the reflections of certain times of Aodhan’s life in the lyrics. Especially in the song “Twelve Again“, he literally sings about being 12 years old (again). And his own life heavily influenced the creation of this EP to some extent, spread across the five songs in their own way.

When it comes to which song off the EP Aodhan wants listeners to pay particular attention to, it is the aforementioned song above, ‘Twelve Again’, a song that Aodhan reveals is by far his favourite, “It is by far my favourite release so far,” Aodhan emphasises, “Listeners around my age would probably be able to relate more to songs like ‘Daily Meditation’ or ‘Just Friends’.” Additionally, with this release, Aodhan hopes listeners feel a big bag of chill and hopefully take away a couple of new favourite songs.

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