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Hunter Blair Ambrose is a Pop/R&B artist, songwriter and musician based in New York. Hunter has spent the last three years writing, recording, and producing her debut album “Scorpio Season”. 2021 has proven to be an incredibly productive and busy year with finishing her album, shooting music videos, doing promo and all of the various components that go into creating an album.

“It feels amazing to put another single out,” Hunter expresses on the release of her new single. “My last single dropped at the end of February and we’ve been working hard on music videos and visuals between now and then, so I’m happy to have a new song out!”

This song in particular is one of the more vulnerable songs off the album, and it the one she has always looked forward to seeing the reaction from listeners – in fact, that is the type of anticipation Hunter has when it comes to the release of any of her songs.

“Too Much” was written about feeling like you are “too much” of a burden for your partner due to anxiety and mental health issues. “The song not only touches on insecurities about feeling as though you have too much emotional baggage but also was written about over-indulging in too much drinking and other vices to ease your pain and stress,” Hunter explains. “I feel like a lot of us can relate to using a temporary fix to help with.”

At the start of the creative process of conceptualizing the album, the themes Hunter was exploring were more centered on heartbreak and the emotional aftermath of the dissolving of her past relationship. But as time went on, she realised that this song in particular had taken on other themes that were influenced by her emotional state during the pandemic.

“This song was written by me and produced by my longtime collaborator and producer, Jason Strong. It was part of the bulk of sessions that he and I had to create much of this album together.” — Hunter Blair Ambrose

“This song felt particularly easy to write, as I was going through strong waves of emotions at the time from a combination of heartache, loneliness, and isolation,” Hunter continues. “As usual, I wrote the lyrics first over a piano chord progression, and then brought in the song to the studio and started building the production with Jason until we felt we had poured everything into the track.”

The writing process for “Too Much” was always influenced by Hunter’s feelings and emotions she experienced during lockdown and the COVID-19 pandemic. Hunter wrote this song in October 2020 and looking back, this song is an accurate representation of her emotional state at the time.

“I was very much experiencing intense anxiety, loneliness, and stress at that time and feeling like I needed to use various coping mechanisms that weren’t the healthiest,” Hunter says. “Music and making this album was truly my main source of relief and escape from the events of last year. Those feelings have since subsided, but it is a clear depiction of the stress and mindset that I had at the time of lockdown.”

“I hope that my listeners and fans can listen to “Too Much” and feel like they’re not alone in processing the events of the last year and a half which was undoubtedly stressful for all of us.” — Hunter Blair Ambrose

“We all have times that we feel like we can be “too much” for our loved ones or that our thoughts and emotions can be overwhelming,” Hunter adds. “But, I think it’s important to recognize that the ups and downs of our lives are natural and nothing to be ashamed of.”

Hunter’s upcoming album “Scorpio Season” is an album about a whirlwind romance gone wrong. It was written about not only her experiences with a former love interest but also the emotional aftermath of the end of that relationship and how it affected her for years after. The album explores themes of heartbreak, love, loss, lust, mental health, loneliness, and isolation. However, the album also has a theme of resilience and inner strength as well.

“I am beginning to write music for my sophomore album which is going to take on a very different sound than Scorpio Season,” Hunter says on what she has coming up next. “This next album is going to represent the dawn after the darkness. We have a music video for my last single “Baby Goodbye” that is dropping soon. We are very excited about it, the video is very provocative and fun. I had such a good time doing it. ”

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