Pictured top to bottom: Jayla Kai, Motez, and Revenge Wife

Motez | ReSet

Australian producer Motez was previous featured on Eat This Music here and here, so what better way to continue that trend than with the main course, aka his enjoy the rest of his delicious new EP ‘ReSet’ .

Ninajirachi | Dracodraco & Stoneteller

Love Ninajirachi‘s work and always happy to share what she releases.

Ladyhawke | reMIXED EMOTIONS

Ladyhawke continues to deliver some of her best work in the form of a remixed EP featuring a stellar all-female artist line up which includes K.Flay, Woodes, and Shura.

Revenge Wife | Background Songs For Your Boring Life, Part 1

Revenge Wife‘s debut EP has been on Eat This Music’s radar ever since the release of ‘Earthquake‘ back in February. Featuring tracks like ‘Manifest‘, ‘Lucifer’s GF‘, and ‘Dream I Had‘, it is not hard to see why this is her favorite thing ever made. “It’s part I of my album and I am so excited to have it in the world,” Liz explains. “It feels raw and true and I like the way the production came out and it’s so fresh and I just feel like.. wow I did that. It makes me feel empowered. I really didn’t know I was capable of pulling it together!”

The EP is a beautiful people of work and worth listening to from beginning to end. Every lyric and sound has a purpose.

Jacinta Lal | DIVYA

What you’re going to get in this EP are fast rhymes, slick instrumentals, and a large world of exploration through witty lyrics. Jacinta is definitely a great talent, with a lot of skills yet to show.

Jayla Kai | Epitome

Epitome” is the sound of Jayla in tune with her writing whilst showcasing a distinct voice that is solidified within songs like ‘Apple Tree‘, ‘Old Town‘, and many others. The songs she shares here are sharp, literate, and expressive on an EP that zips and shuffles; all melody and poetry.

Waiting for Smith | Hopelessness of Love

Sweet new EP featuring heartwarming tracks like ‘Tired Mind‘ and ‘Little Old Book‘, although, the EP is just allround delightful to listen to from the start.


WILLOW‘s ‘lately I feel EVERYTHING‘ is a musical expression of trying to perceive both joy and pain through an equally compassionate and playful lens. Of the 11 tracks on the album, WILLOW had previously released ‘Lipstick’, and ‘t r a n s p a r e n t s o u l’. The other tracks on the album additionally showcase a strong work ethic, story-driven motive, and lyric prowess.

Shotgun Mistress | Shotgun Mistress

From the relentless charge of the opening track ‘Born And Raised’, to the restrained haunting cadences of the closing ‘May She Never Walk Alone’, this collection of songs utilizes a blistering sonic arsenal to explore heightened emotional and personal terrain. Shotgun Mistress‘s amalgamation of Vesuvian guitar fire, supercharged bass and drums, and unleashed vocals is at times cathartic, seen in ‘No Friend Of Mine’, as well as intense and rousing, such as in the track that started it all – ‘Save Me From Myself’.

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