Pictured: Tennis System

BLEACHx | Dead Inside

Dead Inside’ is a personal song, which embodies all the loss in BLEACHx‘s life, how he felt at the time, and the birth of the BLEACHx project, it’s a fun song that is a culmination of all the genres and writing styles BLEACHx loves and goodbye to all the negative feelings he had inside. “I wanted something dark and Maniacal you could also dance to,” BLEACHx says. “When I wrote it my dad passed away and my BF left me because he couldn’t deal with the grief of it all and it was exactly how I felt inside.”

AILSHA | Damaged

Off the back of her previous single, ‘FBOY‘, AILSHA has returned with ‘Damaged‘, a much darker, liberating alternative electronic pop single that gives her vocals a lot of room to showcase how distinctive they can be when a solid story is behind it. This song, in particular, depicts a breakup with references to being on a battlefield. AILSHA produced the track herself and wanted the sound of the song to convey the intensity of emotions a person can feel during a breakup.

Alice Pisano | Open Up

Alice Pisano is a favourite over here at Eat This Music, and it is not hard to see why as she continues to show how strong her vocals are, and how articulate she is with her songwriting.

Devan | Without You

American Terror | Attitude

Falling Through April | Paralyzed

Falling Through April is a band based in Charlotte, North Carolina, and their new single “Paralyzed” is a solid introduction and taste of what is to come from their upcoming album, which was written and recorded via video calls throughout the COVID-19 lockdown. “Paralyzed” is a great example of a band with a consistent technique and strong female vocalist.

Bealby Point | Talk To Me

Talk To Me” is an indie rock song to be enjoyed by head thrashers and melancholic dreamers alike. It’s about balancing heavy emotions with stifled logic – doing something you have reason to believe is wrong, but it feels right because you want it.

Tennis System | Dizzy

Dizzy” is about the time Tennis System member Matty had during the pandemic to reflect on himself. Matty used that time to really dive deep inside himself and decide what he wanted out of life, or what’s left of it. The video for “Dizzy” is meant to show Matty’s perspective of the day of a show. The things Matty typically does the day of a show, from the Yerba mate he drinks to the tacos he eats. How Matty finds peace before the chaos of playing in a band.

Mike & The Nerve | Bad News

Dizzle AP & T2Frank | Maya Jama

Dizzle AP & T2Frank ‘s ‘Maya Jama’ (likely a tribute to its name same) is a jumpy and fast-paced track that finds the rappers glazing a traditional drill-styled backdrop with an assertive flow, combining punchy lines that pertain to their lifestyle. and looking to drop a string of equally catchy bangers throughout the year, these talents have as much potential as they have ambition.

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