Pictured: Genesis Owusu

Digitalz | Corner of My Eye

Great vibes, and great sounds! Digitalz‘s new album is a pretty good starting point too if you’re interested in getting to know the act and what they offer.

EANOH | Simply Mad

Genesis Owusu | The Fall

Genesis Owusu is a class act. His music is thought-provoking and his stylistic integrity is on full display in a powerhouse song like this.

KUČKA | Beautiful

As far as covers go, this cover of Christina Aguilera‘s classic is right up there. KUČKA brings her signature aesthetics and booming vocals to a song that touches on various aspects of life.

Baby Queen | You Shaped Hole

Baby Queen‘s newest offering showcases more of what people have come to like about the British artist: witty lyrics, soaring vocals, and hypnotisingly bright catchy instrumentals.

Don Broco | Gumshield

It has been a while since Don Broco have been featured on Eat This Music, their previous single ‘Come Out To LA‘ is still a favourite around here, but this new one holds up pretty well, visually and audibly.

The Ugly Kings | The Devil Comes With A Smile

Australian rock is highly underrated, especially when bands like The Ugly Kings are out there making some incredible music. With ‘The Devil Comes With A Smile‘, you are getting raw, emotional vocals, hard-hitting acoustic sounds, and a whole lot of attention visually.

Ben Kweller | Just for Kids

Akin to what was felt when first coming across The Lathums, this new song from Ben Kweller is just sweet, and deserves to be shared.

Foxlee | Heart Attack

Heart Attack,” Foxlee’s first single, is a glimpse into their sonic landscape. Vast, wide-open spaces, solitude and longing, like the pull of the desert.

Abby Huston | Apartment

Apartment” is on the guitar-oriented side, with cicadas lurking in the background (you can hear them at the end), this song is a great showcase for their poised and excellent vocals. Detailed within the lyrics, of Apartment, is a song about depression and anxiety, self-doubt and acceptance through accountability.

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