Miles Atmospheric is a DJ, recording artist & label boss of Atmospheric Existence Recordings, based in the UK. “I release on labels worldwide, lately focusing on my own imprint and Bedrock Records for John Digweed,” Miles tells Eat This Music. “I’ve been in and around music since as far back as I can recall but started buying actual physical records in 1990, after a diet of cassette tapes, with my first gig in 1996.”

The journey through music has been one of inspiration, excitement, and enduring love for Miles. The label name was conceived in 2007, initially to serve as an expression conduit for his output, but quickly branched out to air some other artists. Wide-open spaces, the countryside, along with city life, life experiences, friendship, love, all carved the concept of existing in the atmosphere from a cerebral perspective. Living the best life with the atmosphere was the drive. The label is very personal to Miles. And, in fact, Miles is his actual first name and tagged on the label name to represent the imprint and ideals as people started calling him by that name in reference to the label!

“I am doing the best I can in the circumstances we all find ourselves in,” Miles expresses. “Keeping positive and appreciating the hand I have been dealt. Gratitude is high on the mind.”

“Looking after oneself, eating well, keeping healthy in mind and body are all a focus.” –Miles Atmospheric

Miles continues, “I have had several releases out, featuring on John Digweed’s “Quattro II” album, while working on lots more, it’s an exciting time, my creativity is buzzing and I can’t wait for people to hear new material.”

Miles’s ‘Call You Out’ came together while he was working on material. Simply put, Miles sent an instrumental version to his friend Anwar Russell, who’d recently moved back to his home in Canada. Anwar ‘The Apparition’ went to work on the lyrics for ‘Calling you out’. Miles likes to think of it as a note to oneself, an internal monologue, while delivering a powerful message of clarity and hope.

The movement and pace of the structure of the track are still there from the initial stages of the song’s life, while maintaining a sense of grace and intricacy, powerful for the dance floor but also mind food. And when it comes to the creative process, it is the usual way for Miles is no rules, go in, follow a path, let it lead you and develop what you have, layer, tweak, feel, reflect, leave it alone, let it marinade, revisit, don’t over-analyse, stop negative thoughts trying to derail your work, be spontaneous, make mistakes, run with mistakes, magic moments happen, but work you must!

“Live in the now, embrace every moment, show gratitude and love and be kind. — Miles Atmospheric

“I tend to see feelings in the music itself and try to convey and communicate my own personal life and experiences through it,” Miles says on the influence of his record. “So my own life is 100% the influence for my music. This is the thing. Music is life to me and vibration is everything around us and ourselves.”

This EP is a single release with remixes by Josh Wink, “So I’d recommend you try all flavours on the release,” Miles says. “My track is over 12 minutes long and goes through various phases, vocal range pitch shifts, dub techno aesthetics blend into the hypnosis of it all. Give it a whirl, I hope you like it!”

Coming up shortly Miles has another set of tracks he is working on, with another vocal project he is lining up, “I’d like to give thanks and love to Emily Stephens, John Digweed, Josh WInk, Scott Dawson, Anwar Russell, Charlie Tear, John Dalagelis for all helping the project to its release,” Miles adds.

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