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Bess Atwell a singer-songwriter from Brighton. 2021 has been an interesting time for the musician out of the UK, but mostly in a good way. “This one feels particularly cathartic to release,” Bess expresses on the release of her new single ‘Nobody’. “It’s been a personal favourite for a while so I’m excited and nervous to share it.”

“I suppose it’s about loneliness,” Bess continues about her new song. “It’s an acknowledgement that relationships require nurturing, and that love is a verb, complicated by a more chronic, existential loneliness of not feeling safe with yourself.” With that said, ‘Nobody’ as a title just represents a space that’s lacking in oneself and/or relationship.

‘Nobody’ is a traditional, lyric-focused folk song that Bess doesn’t believe has changed at any point. She is the type of artist that wanted the production to let the lyrics breathe and the message to be unclouded.

It’s not often that songs feel like they’re already in their final form at the writing stage, but this song in fact sort of did for Bess. “I didn’t want to overdo it in the studio or try too hard to make it sound unique,” she says. “I took a simpler approach than I sometimes do as it felt like what was best for this track.” Like most of Bess’s songs, this one is autobiographical. And reflects that notion in the stripped-back performance.

With this song, Bess would like listeners to feel a sense of connection – like maybe she has been able to articulate something you feel as well, “I think we can probably all relate to a sense of loneliness and longing to find our place,” Bess adds, “and I hope this song provides some comfort.”

“Hopefully ten good songs,” Bess states on what to expect from her new EP. “It sounds obvious, but I just want to write good songs that move people. The tracks all sort of flirt with the same themes; comfort, fear, domesticity, atheism, love, death, and the passing of time.”

Bess’s album is out in September, then she (Boris-willing) is hopefully going on a 15-date tour in November and December, and is currently writing her next release. 2020 looks to be a busy time for Bess Atwell!

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