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Jackie Brown Jr is Maddy, Michael, Hilary, Rhyan, and Gideon, and they are a group of friends who like to make music together! Although, in saying that, the band didn’t reveal to Eat This Music where the namesake came from… so that is a mystery! “We’re doing well,” the band expresses to Eat This Music though. “It was good to finally go on a tour! It had been a year or so, and we got it in right before Sydney went back into lockdown. We’ve got more music to release and we’re very excited.”

The past 18 months have put many things on hold for Jackie Brown Jr as a whole – so the band does feel great at the moment to get some things in motion. It has been really special to take this new song from city to city and to share it through their live shows. Jackie Brown Jr’s “Happy (you wanna be)“, specifically though, is really about the way people can often feel how happiness is out of reach – or comes from something extra.

As far as the new song goes, the band assures listeners the song’s meaning has stayed with it for the entire duration of its creative process. “In a lot of ways yeah,” the band says. “Though it has definitely come into greater focus. Playing the song live has really brought us together musically in a way that feels really special. This song has become so grounding to play live and has become a really special, connecting part of our set.”

“All our songwriting is fairly collaborative and this wasn’t any different,” the band continues. “We usually sit with a riff/melody that someone will bring in and jam on it for a while until some kind of gold is forged from trial and error. Although, I do remember this one being pretty fast and easy to write.”

“That you’re in charge of your own happiness and that you’re amazing already!” — Jackie Brown Jr on what fans can take away from the song

A lot of the lyric writing that Maddy does is pulled from real stories from her life. That trait is similar to this song, although Maddy went for a different approach for the opening verse. Rather than telling a story, she wanted to create the feeling of being inside a particular world, and the sounds and emotions that you would feel in that world.

“Well that’s a secret for now,” Maddy says about what their next song will be, “but keep your ears and eyes out on our socials around August.”

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