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On today’s menu, you are going to find some delicious new music from Annie Elise, Tanya George, Betta Lemme, Sahara Beck, Fleur Wiber, Melissa Lamm, ELKE, Sweet Nobody, The Zephyr Bones, and Dan Oiuw.

Annie Elise – We Can Pretend

I feel like this would be the perfect type of song to listen to whilst ice skating around, and around a rink. This is a bright, glittery offering of soaring vocals and a world full of delicate aesthetics.

Tanya George – Can’t Do Anything Right

After having released one of Eat This Music’s COVID-themed songs, ‘Normality‘ back in 2020, Melbourne-based artist Tanya George has returned to Eat This Music with the release of her second single of 2021, ‘Can’t Do Anything Right‘, a song that sees Tanya explore the socially systemic hypocrisy of behind expectations and the clear double standards between females and males. “‘Can’t Do Anything Right’ is about the frustrations of not being able to live up to anyone’s expectations,” Tanya says. “The literal feeling of not being able to do a thing right, especially as a woman.”

Betta Lemme – Girls

Betta Lemme is a fan favourite amongst many circles, so it is not hard to see why people are excited about the fact ‘Girls‘ comes with the subsequent announcement of her forthcoming EP, due out for release later in 2021. ‘Girls’ offers more of what people have come to like about Betta: sweet vocals, delicate, bright instrumentals, and witty lyrics for days.

Ultimately, though, this new song was written for Betta’s younger self as a fun, uplifting reminder that only you define your truth. “I wish I heard a song like this when I was growing up,” Betta explains. “I wrote this song for my younger self and want to celebrate it now that I’m older, I hope others can do the same. We often look for allies outside of ourselves and spend a lifetime learning how to be an ally to ourselves.”

Sahara Beck – Crave Me

Huge new song by Brisbane-based musician Sahara Beck. ‘Crave Me’ is a slow-burning atmospheric vocal performance, that showcases Sahara’s soulful running rampant over a song that is essentially a lullaby of desperation. This song means different things to Sahra though, on one hand, she is singing about everyone she has ever given her everything to… On the other hand, Sahara sings it to the music industry, her biggest desire. “The only thing I’ve ever been sure of is that I love music,” Sahara states on the release of the song. “I love how it makes me feel and I love that what I create can make others feel something, whether it be sadness, hope, or love.”

Fleur Wibre – Walk Me

Fleur Wiber’s new song “Walk Me” is the latest studio recording by the folk-turned alt-country singer-songwriter who was born in Hamilton, Victoria but currently resides in Sydney. Produced by highly-acclaimed producer Michael Carpenter at Love Hz, the song features Jy-Perry Banks on pedal Steel, bringing in a Lucinda Williams meets Neko Case vibe.

Melissa Lamm – Balcony

This is one of the most soothings songs I have come across all week, in fact, ‘Balcony’ is a song that showcases Melissa’s immaculate, delicate, and tightly-tuned vocals. “Balcony” is a story about making the most of wherever you are. “You may not be able to spend your summer on a tropical beach or sightseeing abroad,” Melissa says, “but sitting on a modest little balcony with someone you love can be a perfect time – even if you aren’t doing anything at all.”

ELKE – Vacuum

This song is just oozing with charisma, whether it is the lovely produced energetic instrumentals or the sublime lyrics or the visual representation of the song, ELKE‘s ‘Vacuum‘ is a solid offering of poignant humour from the titular, mundane household item.

Sweet Nobody – Why Don’t You Break My Heart

Some of the best aspects of this beautiful song are Sweet Nobody‘s honest lyrics, lead singer/songwriter Joy’s delicate vocals, and the overall presentation of a song that is essentially about the mutual ending of relationships.

The Zephyr Bones – No One

Here is some very, hot and spicey music from a band out of Chile! Their name is The Zephyr Bones, and everything that is great about “No One” is showcased within the first minute – the soothing hypnotising vocals, the essence of the song’s atmosphere, and the stunning visuals. Enjoyable stuff!

Dan Oiuw – Oh!mge

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