Shungudzo – I’m not a mother, but I have children

One of Eat This Music’s favorite songs off this record, in fact, it was the first favourite song of 2021, is Shungudzo‘s ‘It’s a good day (to fight the system)‘, which is one of the many centerpieces of this record that showcases the immaculate presentation of an artist that only wants to share stories with you. With that said, “I’m not a mother, but I have children” is an on-point example of that very notion.

Laurel – Limbo Cherry

LAUREL has finally released her new EP ‘Limbo Cherry‘! Having given fans a taste of the EP with “Let Go”, “Your The One,” and the subsequent release of “Wild Side”, Laurel’s Limbo Cherry is an EP that deftly balances the serious with the playful, it is a confident release from an artist who is truly beginning to carve out her path in the music industry.

Robyn Sherwell – Unfold

As far as sophomore albums go, this one from Robyn Sherwell is pretty solid. And while Robyn Sherwell is a musician that has been covered on Eat This music previously when the progressive electro-pop aficionado released her tracks ‘Bare Minimum‘, ‘To Give Up‘, and ‘Island‘ in the past, there is still quite a lot to learn about the London native, like how how she returned to her home studio in London to record the album, additionally bringing in an old friend on board to produce alongside her.

Writing and self-producing this album at home was an empowering time for Robyn, “It feels like a return to when I was first exploring music and my artistry,” she says, “just writing heartfelt songs and making demos in my bedroom, with no one else involved.”

Robin Cisek – Delicate Minds

Robin Cisek is a hidden gem that was recently covered on Eat This Music for the first time back in May when first coming across her single ‘Speak To Me‘ and to say that song spoke to me would be an ironic statement. The title of her debut album is ‘Delicate Minds’ and not only does the title itself hint at what you’ll find within the album, but the individual songs also touch on how our minds work.

“My aim for this project was to create an album that was cohesive both in subject matter and sound,” Robin says. “Mental health is complicated; there are so many things that can affect it and it is universally known and experienced. So why isn’t there more conversation and why is it taboo?” With this release, Robin wanted to create music to show people with mental illness that they are not alone. “It is so crucial that we keep talking openly about mental health to create a society that accepts mental illness and supports healing,” Robin adds.

Joywave – Every Window Is A Mirror

‘Every Window Is A Mirror’ is a four-track EP full of heart, honesty, and marksmanship of someone who has spent years touring, working hard, and just trying to make a name for themselves in today’s world. While Joywave formed in 2010, ‘Every Window Is A Mirror’ is a culmination of many years’ worth of creative production, “When I was making these songs, it was like I was back in my post-grad years, but it was in my basement now,” Joywave member Daniel Armbruster states. “The writing this time was really introspective because I didn’t want to go upstairs and turn on the TV, you know?” he continues. “The only part of the world that made sense to me was my little corner where I’m making music.”

The writing this time was really introspective because I didn’t want to go upstairs and turn on the TV, you know?” he explains. “The only part of the world that made sense to me was my little corner where I’m making music.”

Cathal Murphy – i’m writing to you, it can be lonely and beautiful at the edges of print.

This EP features a collection of songs that explore a series of personal and poetic messages to a former obsession, as Cathal rides the sheer uncomplicated joy of the highs, as well as finding beauty in the lows of a former relationship. “The songs collectively talk about one relationship and its eventual demise,” Cathal says on the release of the EP. “The title of the EP comes from the idea of feeling momentary comfort in writing about this now past relationship. Fixated on this one person still, watching how well they are doing and feeling a little bit left behind – like a sad proudness.”


Everything great about this little record is contained tightly within the selective songs. ‘When I Was In Love‘ is a great example of dealing with worldly experiences, ‘Superball‘ is a great example of a standout moment of justification, and the audibly pleasing nine-minute orchestral closer ‘Naegleriasis‘ is a great example of what “FUCK” has to offer in terms of minimilistic portrayal.

Neckscars – Don’t Panic

Neckscars out of Downstate, New York, is a band that seamlessly mix elements of punk and post-hardcore while focusing on their underrated strong traits, like their melodies and gripping vocals. ‘Don’t Panic‘ is a fantastic debut for such a newish band that presents themselves as if they had been doing their thing for years. Eat This Music might have a new favourite band.

The Novus – Thaleia Standing

The vibe throughout this EP, from the very opening of ‘I Serve Not‘ until the closing notes of ‘Journey (With No End)‘ and subsequently the Castaway single shows the solid consistency of a well-oiled four-piece band.

Within Temptation – Shed My Skin

Shed My Skin‘ is a 6-track record full of big, atmospheric sounds and heavy vocals that show how well-oiled Within Temptation are. Each song gives each member of the band to shine in their own way.

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