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Odd Mob & Pooks – Disappear (feat. Hayley Trinca)

Odd Mobb is an interesting artist, mostly because inspirations for his songs can come from the most random of places, like this new one from the Australian artist, which happen tome to him after a trip to the hospital, “This track sat unfinished on my computer for almost a year, then after a two week trip to the hospital, I finally had time to think about it and was able to crack it,” Odd Mobb says. “Turns out, I needed to make it more moody and stormy than it originally was!”

From there, Odd Mob took further inspiration from Camelphat, Imanu, and a lot of low-fi house artists, and wanted to make something that felt modern but also a little bit low-fi.

Hannah Wants – Never Gonna Tell You

Hannah Wants (pun unfortunately intended) you to listen to this song, and you should… yes that is all I could think of for this blurb. This is a pretty solid upbeat, dancy track if anything.

FLUIR – Better Off Alone

Following on from the release of her EP, Sydney-based artist FLUIR has finally returned with a new single! FLUIR is a long-time favourite here at Eat This Music although, the last time FLUIR was covered was back in April 2020 upon the release of her collaboration with Jordan Burns titled ‘Make Me Feel‘ – as shown in the new release, FLUIR continues to encaptulate a fantastic mix of pop, electronic and finely tuned vocals.

Astræa – Looking Up

Astræa‘s ‘Looking Up’ is an uplifting, good vibed anthem that touches on the notions of hope, with an underlying wave of synths and emotive, powerful soarding vocals. Born from the desolate loneliness of the global pandemic, this is a song to go back to every time you are looking for a little ray of sunshine to break through storm clouds, or could just be used as a simple reminder that these times are temporary with better days just around the corner.

GIUNGLA – Little Problem (feat. Jessica Winter)

GIUNGLA is an artist that took Eat This Music by surprise earlier this year with the release of her single, and title track of the EP, ‘Turbulence‘, in which the Italian artist showcased a blend of vocals, an underlying flow of electronics and overarching beats that create an other-worldly ecosystem of sound; in saying that, this new one off the EP offers more of the aforementioned, but with added vocals from Jessica Winter.

Annalise Azadian – Life of the Party

Annalise Azadian is a musician who has not featured on Eat This Music in a while, so it does feel good to have Annalise back on the website in some capacity, and what better way to bring her back into the fold than with a new music video and that. Over a year in the making, “Life of the Party” showcases Annalise’s raspy voice and poetic storytelling in the way she is able to bring together poignant and metaphorical lyrics, whilst exploring the inner thoughts of her own personality.


Some chilled-out, fuzzy sunny (pun intended) good instrumentals and pleasant vocals for you to listen to whilst you’re going about your day. (suitable for house cleaning and driving conditions).

The Lathums – How Beautiful Life Can Be (Live From Parr Street Studios)

Hardly need to write anything about this song. It is beautiful. Enjoy.

Terry Presume – None Of This Alone

Such a timely song that talks about how “you” are not in this alone and can get through anything together… whilst masking as a tragic love song.

Glossy Clouds – Beauty Medicine

Glossy Clouds is a Lyon-based indie-rock collective and their new single ‘Beauty Medicine‘ is a song that oozes with charismatic portrayal of tension and drama with undefined instrumentals, leading into rock song essentials, like guitar licks and thumping drums, whilst including a stunning unified vocal performance. Lyrically the track wants you to embrace the beauty of simple virtues.

“We strive to yearn and marvel ourselves at every moment, every vision, every atmosphere that even gives us a little joy,” the band say on their new single. “”Beauty Medicine” is in a way an invitation to this practice, the medicine that everyone can acquire for free in order to see the beauty that exists in everyday life…”

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