Jessica Mar is a singer, songwriter, instrumentalist, and musical martian. She is based in Los Angeles but originally hails from Kansas (or Mars, depending on who you ask). “I am very fortunate to say that I’m doing really well thus far in 2021,” Jessica tells Eat This Music. “I’ve been able to continue doing what I love, and I’m extremely grateful for that.”

“Thank you! It feels like a huge weight has been lifted AND like the most exciting thing to happen all year,” Jessica expresses on the release of her new single. “I have been so ready to share this with everyone.”

Jessica’s newest single ‘Fighter’ is about overcoming adversity and discovering your own inner power. The title represents the innate ability people have to keep fighting through hardships and to come out victorious regardless of the circumstances.

If anything, I feel that it’s even more relevant after this past year. We’re all coming out of so many different individual experiences. Even though I originally wrote this with my own challenges in mind, “Fighter” serves as a 2021 anthem of sorts. — Jessica Mar

Jessica wrote this song in sections, which is different from how her usual process goes, where it all comes to her at once. “I originally thought of the pre-chorus while I was in the shower (typical) and recorded it as a voice memo immediately,” Jessica reveals on the initial creative process of the song. “The chorus came to me separately one day, and it wasn’t until a week or two later that I thought to combine them.”

From there, Jessica demoed the early draft of the song for her producers, Beto Vargas and Mert Özcan, they helped Jessica capture the vision perfectly. “We did end up making a last-minute change with the bridge, though,” Jessica continues in our chat. “I’d written something else originally, and the night before we recorded vocals I ended up changing it to be what you hear today, which we all felt was a much better fit. “Fighter” evolved over time, which is ridiculously on point with the theme of the song.”

This song was 100% inspired by Jessica’s own life and the song totally reflects that. It was written with a period of time in mind when she was suffering from crippling depression while experiencing some intense challenges within her family and personal life. The lyrics are demonstrative of that but are also meant to be open for interpretation as Jessica knows so many people can relate to this theme.

“I would love for listeners to be reminded of their own inner power and resilience,” Jessica says on what she wants listeners to take away from her new song. “We all have the capability to break through barriers and limitations. I hope this song conveys that to audiences.”

“Fighter” is a part of a larger debut album that Jessica and her team are releasing single by single. Since they are doing it this way, you can expect another song in the near future. Maybe sooner than you think!

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